Thank you to those who joined us for Reflections 2023!

Reflections Women's Leadership Panel Invitation Thursday, January 26, 3pm-5pm

The Women's Commission in partnership with The Gayle R. Davis Center for Women & Gender Equity, Provost's Office and the Office of the President developed the GVSU Women's Mentoring Reception in 2012 as a way for the campus community to share stories, insight and advice, breaking the myths of women in leadership.

This annual event spotlights the journeys and accomplishments of women leaders at Grand Valley by offering a platform for them to share their perspectives on leadership, management, work-life integration, professional strategy, self-care, and many other topics.

We invite you to join us for dialogue and relationship building at Reflections.

Previous Featured Panelists

2021-2022: Elisa Salazar, Deb Sanders, Sherril Soman

2019-2020: Maria Cimitile, Aaron Haight, Juanita Davis, Michelle Rhodes, LuAnne Brown

2018-2019: Tara Bivens, Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Tricia Thomas, Mei Mah

2017-2018: Shontaye Witcher, Betty Schaner, Annie Bélanger, Jody Vogelzang

2016-2017: Keri Becker, Dianne Green-Smith, Kelley Monterusso, Ellen Schendel

2015-2016: Sharalle Arnold, Jodi Chycinski, Carol Sanchez, Lee VanOrsdel, Pat Waring

2014-2015: Chick Blue, Beverly Grant, Anne Hiskes, Karen Ingle, Diana Lawson

2013-2014: Claudia Bajema, Michelle Burke, Maria Cimitile, Elaine Collins, Jean Nagelkerk

2012-2013: Jeanne Arnold, Connie Dang, Gayle Davis, Nancy Giardina, Julie Guevara, Teri Losey, Maggie McCrystal, Pat Smith, Kathleen Vanderveen

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