GVSU Women's Center

The Women's Commission was involved in building the foundation for the GVSU Women's Center. We continue to work closely with the Center as it works to promote and support the success of our students.
The GVSU Women's Center is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs and interests of women at the university. The Women's Center strives to create a place for women to achieve their full educational, personal, and career potential in a safe and fun environment. The Center recognizes the diversity of women and the need for communication, learning, and equality among them. In collaboration with student groups, other departments, and the community, we strive to identify and respond to needs through programs and services that benefit women. The Women's Center offers an environment that is relaxing and supportive, with a fireplace, couches and tables for study. It offers support groups for a variety of audiences such as non-traditional women, mothers, survivors of sexual assault, etc; local and national speakers; and a resource library. To contact the Women's Center, 1201 Kirkhof, call (616) 331-2748 or e-mail at womenctr@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified March 11, 2014