Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations promotes the oneness of women from all cultures and provides a safe environment for diverse women from across campus to better understand each other in an attempt to foster new meaningful relationships. 

Conscious Conversation


Winter 2019

Time and location TBD.


Topic: I Can't Believe They Unfriended Me! When Social Justice and Social Media Collide

Did you see what he posted? Did you see her reply to my comment? Did they just block me? I can’t believe they unfriend me!

Navigating the world of social media is hard enough, and once we add social justice and politics it can become nearly impossible. Why do we clash with people online? How do we support causes without ending decades-long friendships? What does it mean to be a social media activist? Join us for a Conscious Conversation discussing what happens when social media and social justice collide.

Facilitators: Kristen Evans and Jennifer Palm

If you are in need of any accommodations to participate in these programs, please contact us at for assistance.

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