New Studio Art Curriculum Launches Fall 2022

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Beginning Fall 2022, there will be updates to both courses and requirements in the Studio Art B.F.A. degree.

This updated (“New”) curriculum presents several benefits, including:

  • Access - Majors will have earlier, increased opportunity to study in all 8 Studio Art emphasis areas
  • Exploration - Students will enjoy more space and flexibility in their course schedules to pursue multiple interests and diversify knowledge and experience
  • Flexibility - Students will be better able to customize their routes to completing the B.F.A., including increased opportunity to engage deeply in more than one emphasis area

Transitional Advising Guide for the B.F.A

The 2022-23 Catalog has already been updated with the new curriculum and courses. Changes are being made to the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 course schedules in Banner with updates to the course numbers, descriptions, and titles. These changes are happening seamlessly behind-the-scenes in with all student registrations remaining intact. We will update this page when these changes are completed. 

The Old and New curricula are similar in overall size and structure:

Old Curriculum

New Curriculum

  • 84 credits
  • 6 Foundations/Core courses
  • 14 studio courses (beyond Foundations)
  • 20 total studio courses for B.F.A.
  • 3 or 6-credit Senior Project, depending on emphasis
  • 81 credits
  • 4 Foundations/Core courses
  • 16 studio courses (beyond Foundations)
  • 20 total studio courses for B.F.A.
  • 3-credit Senior Project

Students beginning their BFA (Bachelor in Fine Art) degree in the Fall of 2022 (or after) should follow the New Curriculum. Students who are in-process with their B.F.A. degree before Fall of 2022 will remain on the Old curriculum but can decide to change to the New Curriculum

Students who remain on the Old Curriculum will be able to complete their requirements by taking equivalent courses, should the old courses have changed or been removed.

For complete information about the changes please download the Transitional Advising Guide for the B.F.A. This guide includes details of the updated program and important information for students at all levels of the B.F.A. program.

Page last modified June 10, 2022