10 Questions for our alumni


Jesse Hora, BFA, Studio Art (Graphic Design), 2007

"My advice would be to develop real-world skills, like how to meet new people, how to be personable, and how to have fun working really, really hard."

Heather Murray, BA (Studio Art), 2014

"Without the constant critique and push for growth when I was at Grand Valley I would never have the drive I do today. Self-reflection has been my greatest asset and vice in reaching towards new skill-sets in my craft."

Chris Shearer, BFA, Studio Art (Illustration), 2006

"My education prepared me to do the actual work of illustrating these pieces but also prepared me to manage clear communication with clients, write contracts, and establish a work ethic dedicated to completing things in a proper time."

Jessica Maclin, BFA, Studio Art - Illustration and Metalsmithing, 2013

"Don't be afraid to work with your hands! Working at a job that produces a tangible product at the end of the day is incredibly rewarding."

Chris Scamehorn, BFA, Studio Art (Ceramics), 2006

"I had the Freedom to create 24/7 in the facilities. Calder resident life was incredible."

Michelle Froh, BFA, Studio Art (Printmaking), 2005

"I love how versatile my education was. I appreciated my time at GVSU a lot, so much so that I feel fully able to teach art in a different language to probably the most difficult age group."

Rory Miller, BFA Studio Art (Printmaking), 2014

"Discover what you're passionate about and pursue it. If you are studying or working in a field that you love, it makes life significantly more enjoyable. Don't choose a degree because of what your parents or friends want you to do."

Sarah Brockett, BFA, Studio Art (Graphic Design), 2014

"Keep on keeping on! College can be draining, especially as an artist, but it is so worth it in the end. Oh, and soak up all the studio time you can get! You�ll miss it when you don�t have it anymore."

BreeAnn Veenstra, BFA, Studio Art (Illustration), 2009

"Every piece of art you create is just practice for the next one. Or in other words, it's okay to make mistakes because those mistakes teach you something that makes the next time a little easier (and better)."

Emily Miller, BA, Art Education and Minor in Art History, 2014

"The skills at GVSU helped me prepare for real world experiences including how to continue to mold the minds of young artists to help them grow."

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