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Jordan Clark, Winter 2017

Approaching Landscapes fits well into contemporary trends. One of the most talked about global issues today is climate change and the human impact on the Earth. This series focuses on just these topics. The American culture says to consume to your hearts content. The amount in which Americans consume is greater than any other people in the world; 23 times more than people in India, just as an example. The people in this country like their stuff, and they like to add to their collection of stuff. This cycle means that people will eventually need more room for all of their stuff, resulting in bigger homes. This demand for bigger homes and more stuff, means more resources are needed to fulfill these needs. The more demand, the larger the factories, mines, and power plants get. This all means more pollution in the water, air, and soil. This cycle is not sustainable and if it is not stopped soon, no one will win. Approaching Landscapes focuses on only one part of this large issue, development, however it still tells a story that needs to be told. 

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