Courses Taught at the Farm

BIO 319: Global Agricultural Sustainability
ENS 492: Sustainable Agriculture Practicum 
GPY/ENS 362: Farmers, Crops and Our Challenging Agriculture World
LIB 330: The Idea of Nature

Courses That Use the Farm

ANT 495: Practicing Anthropology
BIO 105: Environmental Science
BIO 319: Global Agricultural Sustainability
CHI 201: Intermediate Chinese I: Language & Culture
ENS 201: Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENS 401: Environmental Problem Solving
ENS 402: Environmental Studies Capstone
GEO 320: Geomorphology
HTM 213: Introduction to Food & Beverage Management
HNR 241: The Earth, A Global View
HNR 280: Food for Thought
HNR 280: Social Product Innovation
LIB 100:  Introduction to Liberal Studies
LIB 301: Interdisciplinary Research Methods
LIB 322: Wicked Problems of Sustainability
LIB 342: Food Matters
NRM 140: The Climatic Factor
NRM 330: Environmental Pollution
NRM 380: Special Topics in Natural Resource Management
WGS 335: Women, Health, and Environment

Community Visitors

GVSU Campus Recreation
TRIO Upward Bound
G3 Camp
Camp Optimist
Allendale Garden Club
Allendale Elementary School
Cub Scouts
GVSU Greek Life
Energizing Our World
Make a Difference Day
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science
GVSU Housing and Residence Life
Agricultural History Society
GVSU Charter Schools Office

Attention Faculty

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