Starting a New Job

Congratulations on obtaining a job on-campus! Review the information below to make the most of your new job. 

Fill out Required Documents

All paperwork must be completed before you can receive pay. Students must have all required paperwork, including a Federal I-9, a Federal W-4, and a Michigan W-4 completed and on file with the designated offices before they begin working. You can obtain the forms here.

Please note: If you have worked on-campus within the last 12 months, then you should have a Federal I-9 on file already. You can contact our office to determine if you may need to fill out another form. 

Reporting Hours

UltraTime is the method of reporting your hours. All student employees are paid by the hour and must report the hours they work. Different departments manage time reporting in different ways, and the supervisor is responsible for telling employees how to enter hours for their specific job(s). The Payroll Office manages UltraTime which is the typical reporting method of hours worked.

UltraTime Login:

Your User ID is your G-number and your password is your last four digits of your social security number.

Guidelines for reporting hours:

  • Employees should confirm with their supervisor if hours will be reported electronically or by scanning in with their ID card.
  • All hours must be approved by a supervisor.
  • Hours must be reported in UltraTime. It is recommended you enter your time daily. Failing to enter your hours into UltraTime complicates the process and can result in incorrect or delayed pay.
  • The workweek, like the calendar week, is Sunday through Saturday. Student employees are paid on Tuesday for work done the weeks prior. A calendar is available for the pay period dates and pay dates.
  • Departments may have their own deadlines for time entry. However, you must have your hours entered by the end of the pay period.

Paychecks, Taxes, and W-2 Information


Students are strongly encouraged to complete a Direct Deposit Form with the Payroll Office. Students who do not set up direct deposit will need to pick up their paychecks at the transaction windows. The transaction windows can be found in the Student Services Building for Allendale or Richard M. Devos Building C on the Pew Campus downtown. Checks will not be mailed. Students can also view their paychecks online through MyBanner.

  • Go to MyBanner and log in.
  • Navigate the following path: Employee > Pay Information > Pay Stub
  • Select year
  • Choose pay stub from list

If there is a problem with the student's pay, the supervisor may contact the Payroll Office.


Students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits and working on-campus do not contribute to FICA (Social Security) during the academic year.

Students will contribute to FICA for all off-campus positions throughout the year and for any on-campus work when not enrolled in at least 6 credits.

University Fringe Rate for Student Employees if not enrolled in at least 6 credits is 7.65%.

W-2 Information

W-2 forms are prepared by the University for all students who have been paid through the payroll system. It is strongly recommended that you select to receive an electronic W-2. You can consent to receive an electronic W-2 by following the steps below. If you do not select to receive an electronic W-2, a paper form will be mailed to your permanent address.

For Electronic Consent:

  • Go to MyBanner and log in.
  • Navigate the following path: Employee > Tax Forms > Electronic Forms W-2 and 1095-C Consent
  • Check the Box
  • Select Submit

To view electronic W-2:

  • Go to MyBanner and log in.
  • Navigate the following path: Employee > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
  • Select the Tax Year
  • Select Display 

Job Responsibilities

Taking a job is a commitment. Please review the list of suggestions regarding how to conduct yourself on the job. As a member of a working unit that depends on you, you are expected to:

  • Establish a work schedule that does not interfere with your class schedule.
  • Notify your supervisor in advance of any changes to your work schedule or other commitments that will affect work availability.
  • Give advance notice when unable to work a scheduled shift.
  • Take the job seriously and perform at the highest level of your ability.
  • Treat your supervisor and fellow employees with respect.
  • Dress appropriately for the job location (some work sites have dress codes).
  • Report to work on time.
  • Notify your supervisor in advance of any possible delays.
  • Do not conduct personal business on the job.
  • Refrain from using cell phones and music devices while on the job.
  • Accurately report the hours you work.
  • Falsifying your time sheet is a federal offense.
  • Give two weeks notice when resigning.
  • If you are a Federal Work Study student, keep track of your remaining award. Working lots of hours can result in your award not lasting you the entire academic year. 

Job Challenges

Suggestions to Help Navigate Challenging Situations

We encourage supervisors to keep lines of communication open, clear, and constructive. But remember that this is also the student's responsibility. If you have questions, complaints, suggestions, or issues, let your supervisor know. If your schedule changes and you need to alter your work schedule, let your supervisor know. If class requirements are making it difficult to keep your regular work hours, talk to your supervisor. Having your questions answered and sharing your views will help you get the most out of your job. 


Changes in class schedule, academic pressures, or other factors may affect your ability to commit to your on-campus part-time job. If resignation is the only solution, discuss your concerns with your supervisor and, if possible, give at least two weeks notice. 

Being Terminated

If your supervisor is not satisfied with your performance, you can be terminated. It is strongly recommended, however, that prior to termination a supervisor meet with a student to review performance concerns, issue a written warning, and establish a timetable to measure improvement. For gross misconduct, your supervisor may terminate your employment immediately, and you may be referred to the Dean of Students for further action. Gross misconduct includes, but is not limited to, theft of University property, harassment, violation of computer security policies, and time sheet fraud.

If You Are Terminated 

If you are terminated and need to discuss further work options, please contact Student Employment.