On-Campus Employers

Kirkhof center


Student Employment encourages all GVSU Departments to post any part-time job positions on Handshake. Handshake is an ideal way for Grand Valley students to search for on campus employment with ease. Recently accepted first-year students can utilize Handshake to find an on campus job before beginning their first year as a Laker soon after they register for orientation. Similarly, we encourage on campus departments to post job openings early (mid-summer) so that students and supervisors can plan their schedule for Fall semester.

Supervisors should read through the Supervisor Handbook to obtain valuable information regarding policies, procedures, and common practice for student employment.

Office Goal

The goal of Student Employment is to provide a centralized source of employment information and opportunities for Grand Valley State University students. We are providing an opportunity for practical work experience as a means of financial assistance while at Grand Valley.

Student Employment provides an online resource, Handshake, enabling students to search for different employment opportunities, both on campus and off campus.



Page last modified June 29, 2020