General Learning/Strategies


Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when studying, no matter the subject it is important to incorporate:

1. Use the Power Study Hour/Intense Study Session, which outlines one of the best ways to study. The full study session is one hour, but is broken down like this:

  •   1-2 minutes: Set a goal (as specific as possible)
  •   30-50 minutes: Study with focus
  •   10-15 minutes: Take a break (walk, drink of water, quick snack)
  •   5 minutes: Review the material you just went over

2. Use the "Make Study Time Efficient" handout below to help diagnose your studying roadblocks.

3. Get enough sleep! It is important to have an average of 8 hours of sleep a night to help you become a successful student.


Using deep processing and active strategies while studying has been found to increase retention and recall.

When learning new material, use these strategies/questions to process the information more deeply:

  • Elaboration:  How do concepts relate to each other?  Make meaningful connections between concepts and other information you know.
  • Distinctiveness:  How are the concepts different? How are they similar?
  • Personal Connection: How can I relate this concept to my own experiences? What personal examples illustrate this concept?
  • Appropriate Application of material What do I have to be able to do with the material I am learning? Do I need to apply it? Memorize it? Compare it? Create my own?



Power Study Hour

Video from LSU

Deep Processing

Video from Samford University

Active Learning

Video from NIWA Community College


Below are a few Apps that can help you with your studies. Make the most of your electronic devices!