Math Games & Activities

Here are math games and activities you can play at home or school. Most everything you need is included: Rules, materials, possible questions, and in most cases, a video to show how to play the game, are provided.  Some games require items you have around the house or classroom such as paper, pencil, dice, or standard deck of playing cards.   

All of the games can be used with a range of ages and most are easily scalable.  Suggestions for rescaling are included in the variations and helpful hints that appear in the game directions and in the videos.

Games and activities were created by GVSU Mathematics Education and Mathematics students and faculty members. We worked to make these games conceptual to help you experience mathematics and learn through experimenting and discovering. We hope you enjoy playing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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At Bat with Math



Constructing Quadrilaterals with String

Destination Transformation

Digits and Decimals

Hot or Not

Keep the Leftovers

Multiple Multiples

Number Knowledge

Operations Euchre