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In order to better serve the community, the Regional Math and Science Center is providing you with a wide range of resources! For each day of the week, we have added a list of resources focused on the disciplines of Science Technology Engineering and Math!  See below for:  Math Games Monday, Technology Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Citizen Science Thursday, and Free Fun Friday!

Milk magic

Math GAMES Monday

Resource Grade Level Description Date Action
GUESS MY COLORS 10th-12 Statistics & Probability 7/13/2020 View
Hot or Not 2nd Increase understanding of place value and number names 7/6/2020 View
Check out Angle Chase! 3, 4 Practice identifying angle type. Round 1 is like a scavenger hunt and round 2 is like a card game! 4/13/2020 View
Check out Angle Mangle! 3, 4 This is a fun opportunity for some creative shape building! The 'Everyone Play' cards are my favorite! 4/20/2020 View
Let's Roll 3-8 Number/Quantity 7/27/2020 View
Check out Building Buildings! 4+ This is one of our most popular kits that you can create at home! This kit uses 2D blueprints to build 3D designs. 5/19/2020 View
3D Pickup (GAMES 4, 5 This game is perfect for upper elementary students looking for some fun with geometry! 3/30/2020 View
GRAPHIC ELIMINATION 6-12 Algebra/functions 7/20/2020 View
Check out Constructing Quadrilaterals! 9-12 This game is fun to play with partners and a string! You get to practice your high school geometry vocabulary in a fun, application-based way! 6/8/2020 View
Check out Destination Transformation! 9-12 This is a classic board game with a geometric twist! 6/15/2020 View
Check out Clump! All ages Round 1 fun for groups and team building! Round 2 & 3 is played in small groups. 6/1/2020 View
Amazing Area K-12 This game is a perfect measuring game for a variety of students! Measuring with non-traditional units builds conceptual understanding. You can make this game cooperative instead of competitive. Also, it could be a fun counting game for the younger ones. I 4/6/2020 View
Happy Memorial Day! K-2 Celebrating by playing some Math G.A.M.E.S with your family! Check out Change the Change. Perfect for playing and exchanging money. 5/25/2020 View
Check out Digits and Decimals! Upper Elementary Grab a deck of cards and get ready to practice your decimals! This simple game will really get you thinking. 6/22/2020 View
Check out At Bat with Math! At Bat with Math gives your family a chance to practice operations with a baseball themed game! For an advanced challenge, you can do some work with probability. 4/27/2020 View
Check out Back to Back! This game is ideal for 3 players have fun solving equations to find their partners mystery number. 5/4/2020 View
Check out Blackout Math! This game is fun for students that want to factor. Just print the boards, grab a couple of dice & scrap paper and you are ready to play! 5/11/2020 View
ESTIMATION OLYMPICS Be the player whose final number is closest to the target number by using addition or subtraction and the rearrangement of your digits. 6/29/2020 View

Technology Tuesday

Resource Description Date Age Range Action
Check out Mote! new [free] extension for Chrome lets you easily add transcribed voice comments and feedback to shared Google Docs, Google Classroom, Slides and Sheets! 5/12/2020 All View
CS UnPlugged@Home Tynker offers self-paced online courses for children to learn coding at home, as well as specially designed curriculum for schools and camps. 4/21/2020 View
Girls Who Code At Home weekly activities  some online, some offline, of varying levels of difficultyover the course of the next few months. Each activity will include a feature of a woman in tech who pioneered innovative technology. 5/19/2020 All View
Healthy Relationship With Technology Check out these top tips for parents and families to help maintain a healthy relationship with technology. Infographic available for download. 6/2/2020 all View
How Flying Drones Can Turn into a Career in the Aviation Industry Check out this free online presentation: How Flying Drones Can Turn into a Career in the Aviation Industry. 3/31/2020 All View
Internet Essential Affordable high-speed Internet for families and other low-income households. 6/16/2020 All View
Kami for Remote Learning Kami is offering FREE assistance to schools impacted by Coronavirus closures occurring worldwide 5/26/2020 All View
NIU STEAM STEAM learning and exploration by focusing on different outcomes 6/9/2020 All View
Supporting Hungry Children Support for schools, food banks, and community organizations with COVID-19 grants to help fill the food security gap for families. 6/23/2020 All View
Teach Yourself Tech Teach Yourself Tech: Free Technology Resources for K-12 Students from West Michigan Tech Talent 4/7/2020 K-12 View
Tech Tips! Check out resources for coding at home from including Code Break, a live, weekly, interactive classroom where their team will teach kids at home. 4/14/2020 All View
What Parents Need to Know about Zoom This one-page guide for Parents was created by National Online Safety What Parents Need to Know about Zoom 5/5/2020 K-12 View

Wellness Wednesday

Resource Description Date Wellness Benefit Action
A webinar by Dr. Stephanie Grant Supporting Our Children Through COVID-19, is a very informative and thoughtful video created to support parents (and teachers) with practical information and strategies during social isolation. 5/13/2020 Coping through Covid-19 View
Be Kind! Be Kind! Check out this experiment in Kindness from 4/22/2020 View
Be Well this Wednesday! Be Well this Wednesday! Check out some FREE and LIVE online workouts by GVSU. 4/15/2020 Workouts View
Beating quarantine Fatigue through Nature 6/17/2020 Beat Fatigue View
COVID-19: Mental Health and Wellness Resources COVID-19 has had a great impact on the mental health and wellness of American families. These resources have been categorized by materials designed for families and those designed for child care providers. 7/1/2020 Mental Health View
Families Learning from Families Virtual Roundtable event, we invite families from different backgrounds to come together to discuss their anxieties and fears related to the pandemic and learn self and community care strategies for promoting emotional wellness in the age of COVID-19. 6/10/2020 Parents/Caregivers Only View
FREE Wellness Webinars Range of topics from Art Therapy to yoga. Keep checking back as they continue to offer ways to stay well. 5/6/2020 mindful View
Guidance from MDHHS & Other State Departments (Michigan) Current Resources during COVID-19 7/1/2020 Mental Health View
Guide for personal assessment and reflection Reflection is a big part of personal growth! As we continue to prioritize Social Emotional Learning, this tool serves as a guide for personal assessment and reflection. 6/3/2020 adults View
Looking for ways to support the whole child during home education? Check out this webinar from MVU with this and much more! 5/20/2020 View
Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine Check out this Facebook post from a doctoral level Psychologist in NYS with a Psy.D. in the specialties of School and Clinical Psychology RE: Coping during Covid-19 4/8/2020 Mental Health View
Michigan peer-run warmline Michigan's mental health 'warmline' offers free peer support during pandemic 7/8/2020 Mental Health View
Mindfulness and Kindness at GVSU Mindfulness and Kindness at GVSU 4/1/2020 Kindness View
Quarantine Fatigue As quarantine continues, check out this piece from the NY Times on Quarantine Fatigue. 5/27/2020 Adult Fatigue View
Summer is officially underway! Are you looking for ways to support your child's learning throughout the summer? Check out K-12 Tutoring through GVSU! This pilot program is FREE and VIRTUAL 6/24/2020 View

Citizen Science Thursday

Resource Grade Level Description Date Action
April is Citizen Science Month All Start engaging with scistarter. The site offers opportunities to join a series of events or projects during this pandemic. Make science fun! 4/9/2020 View
Exploring Nature When You're Stuck at Home All here are some suggestions for how you can still engage with nature and connect with others through iNaturalist while in or around your home. 5/21/2020 View
Finding Nature All We are in awe of the resiliency and creativity of the children and nature movement in responding to this crisis. 6/11/2020 View
Globe Observer all Observing the Clouds 4/30/2020 View
Help Test a New NASA Citizen Science Project about Exoplanets! All Help find out which planet candidates from the TESS mission are real! 5/14/2020 View
Students Discover All the Sourdough for Science Project 4/23/2020 View
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Citizen Science All Do you enjoy watching birds? Whether it is watching your bird feeders, monitoring nests, or sharing your observations any day any time. Join the community by getting started today! 4/16/2020 View
The Globe Observer Program � Observing Tree! All Observe trees in your neighborhood or backyard then record data to NASA GLOBE to be a part of this global Citizen Science Project. 5/7/2020 View
Backyard Citizen Science for Nature Lovers K-12 Count birds, report caterpillars, plan a habitat... there's something for every nature lover to enjoy with these backyard citizen science projects. 4/2/2020 View
Building a Rock Collection K-5 Fun Rock Activities for Kids 5/28/2020 View
Take a kid outdoors citizen science K-5 Insects, urban birds, nest watch, crane count 6/4/2020 View
National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) Activity Guides and Educational Projects 6/18/2020 View
Zooniverse The Zooniverse creates opportunities for you to unlock answers and contribute to real discoveries. 6/25/2020 View

Free Fun Fridays

Resource Grade Level Description Date Action
Family STEM Cards All The Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative (GCSC) compiled a deck of Family STEM Cards in 2019 to support STEM learning at home. Each card has an activity a family can do with little instruction and household materials. 6/5/2020 View
Get the Kids Outside FB page and graphic All 5 things to do in the Rain! 5/15/2020 View
GVSU Idea Generator All Need an idea of what to do today? 5/29/2020 View
NASA � at home scientist All 5/22/2020 View
Outdoor Activities for Kids All 130+ Activities to do in your backyard & a challenge calendar 26 STEM activities. Harness the power of the sun, build an nature sculpture, Nature Fractal Sun Catcher and more! 6/12/2020 View
Outdoor Activities for Kids All 130+ Activities to do in your backyard & a challenge calendar 26 STEM activities 5/8/2020 View
Science Snacks! All Science Snacks are hands-on, teacher-tested activities that bring explorations of natural phenomena into the classroom and home. 4/17/2020 View
SpaceX launch All Graphic organizer and more info 5/1/2020 View
Summer Solstice All What is summer solstice? 6/19/2020 View
Educational Materials for Facebook Page K-12 Grand Valley State University Student creates a Facebook page to support Parents and Students with Educational Resources. 4/3/2020 View
Magic Milk Friday! K-4 Fridays are Fun! Try this Magic Milk Science experiment and watch the colors explode! 4/10/2020 View
Generate electricity with a Lemon dead batteries, it might surprise you how easy it is to make one out of household materials. Try out this activity, and it might just charge up your imagination. 4/24/2020 View

For a list of other resources, visit the GVSU MiSTEM Network with resources for parents and students, and educators!

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