Discovering STEM Kit Program

The kits are designed to incorporate real world concepts that pique student interests and critical thinking skills while also motivating performance in STEM subjects

Discovering STEM Kits from the RMSC are available for a one week loan to educational organizations

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Snap Circuits set

Kits are used in a variety of ways:

  • science and math family nights
  • individual classroom use
  • after school tutoring
  • summer school programming 
  • individual family game nights

Complete listing of Kits

Resources for a STEM Night

"The program and kits include well-developed content and materials. The activities correlate well with grade-level standards. We look forward to using the science and math kits in a few months! Both students and staff enjoyed the activities!"

Rebekah Host
Fourth grade teacher,
New Branches Charter Academy

*Photo of students engaging with Amazing Area Math Kit

Amazing Area

Looking for other ways to engage your children in mathematics? We can help with games and activities you can easily assemble.  

Math Games & Activities

Discovering STEM Kits Policy & Procedures

KIT PICK-UP / DROP OFF:  Please call our main office number ((616) 331-2267) before you leave to pick up and drop off. This will allow us to be outside with your kits on carts waiting for you.

KIT REPLACEMENT POLICY: Kits are funded through grants, developed by faculty and assembled by staff. If for some reason a kit is damaged or lost, schools will be expected to pay for the replacement of kits. Typically, kits cost between $120 and $175. Please be respectful with kit handling and restocking. 

RESERVATION and SCHEDULING TIME FRAME. The Regional Math and Science Center works very hard to accommodate and service every reservation request, however the process of securing a date for use, pick up and drop off arrangements, and available RMSC staff to assist picking up and dropping off, can be complex. Because of the increase of Discovering STEM kit use, we must ask that you allow 5 - 7 business days to process a reservation request. This means you must reserve kits at least 1 week prior to use and all requests must go through Austin Phillips -