Photo Roster for Students

What is the Photo Roster?  Faculty are able to download a class list that displays the official GVSU ID photographs of enrolled students via the GVSU Faculty/Staff Additional Student Information page. This supports the development of stronger connections between faculty and students.

When will my photo appear?  When you enroll in a course, your picture will automatically be added to the Photo Roster.

When will my photo be removed?  If you drop a course, your name and photo will automatically be removed from the Photo Roster.

Can I see the Photo Roster?  No, the Photo Roster is only available to faculty members.

Can I "opt out"?  No, the Photo Roster is treated as part of the class roster.

Who can see my photo?  The Photo Rosters are only available to Faculty for sections they are instructing.

What photos are used?  The student ID photos are used to populate the Photo Rosters.

Can my instructor share my photo?  No, the faculty member is not allowed to redistribute the photos.  They are confidential records and may not be disclosed to third parties without written permission of the student.

Will students that are minors be included? We will not display the photos of students who are under 18 years of age.

Can I add an avatar or custom photo to my profile? Yes, using the My Blackboard feature, students and faculty can add information about themselves, including a profile photo that will appear in the course and will be viewable by your classmates in specific areas such as the journal tool, wiki, class roster, or discussion board.  More information about the My Blackboard feature can be found on the Blackboard Help website.  Note: The My Blackboard social tools are separate from the class photo roster used by faculty.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns? The Registrar’s Office at [email protected] or (616) 331-3327.

Page last modified August 17, 2022