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I think we all know, it’s that time of the semester again: finals. I don’t mean to stress you out, but they’re right around the corner. In fact, after reading this article, hopefully you’ll feel slightly more equipped to handle the inevitable stress that comes with exam week with some helpful tips and tricks to get you through it. 

Know When Your Exams & Culminating Experiences are Happening

Sometimes, your final exam meeting time is earlier than your actual class time, so it is very important to know when you should show up. You don’t want to be the person who shows up late to the exam, that would suck. So, know what time your final exams, presentations, and culminating experiences are happening. You can find out your exam time through the GVSU Registrar website, linked here. Just enter the first day your class meets and the time, and boom. That’s the time block GVSU has specifically chosen for your class to have the final exam or meeting. Make sure to clarify your final exam time with your professors, as well. Chances are, they might have made some time adjustments of their own, or, you might not have to meet in-person at all (fingers crossed). 

Stay Organized 

Although knowing when your final exams are is the first step towards relieving your anxiety about the week, there are other things you can do to relieve stress during this time. One way to manage feeling overwhelmed by your tasks is to stay organized. This can take many different forms. For example, you could:

  • Write down your exam times. Or, if you’re like me (an education major), write down the due dates of your final projects. For each exam, you can also write down the topics that will be covered so you can keep track of what to study. 
  • Clean your room and study area. The less clutter around you, the more you can focus on your work and ace that test! This is an important aspect of environmental wellness,  which involves the ability to sustain safe, clean, and healthy environments where we live, work and play. Taking a moment to tidy up your study space can help support your environmental wellness while also increasing focus!
  • Make a to-do list. When I feel particularly overwhelmed by all of the projects and assignments I need to complete, it helps when I make a list and break down each task into smaller, more manageable chunks. Plus, it’s really satisfying to cross stuff off of a list, trust me. 
  • Try Time-Blocking. If you don’t even know where to start on studying or starting that big project, try blocking out your day. Time-blocking involves making a very specific schedule for yourself and sticking to it. This website provides a great example of what time-blocking can look like in addition to the benefits it can provide. 

Focus on Your Wellbeing 

I know it feels like there’s not time for a break, but trust me, there is. It’s important to take a break after 40-50 minutes of study time  to maximize your productivity. Take time to relax, engage in physical activities like yoga or taking a walk, make sure to eat regularly, and breathe. Make sure to get enough rest and practice self-care. Listen to music, create a study group with your besties, or spend some time with pets (those fluffy friends do indeed reduce stress and anxiety). 

If you don’t happen to own any pets, not to worry! You can find therapy dogs at the Mary Idema Pew Library on Tuesday, April 23rd from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. And when you do find yourself in need of a break, make sure to take advantage of the other “exam cram” events  going on this week and next!

Maintain Positive Thoughts

Finally, I leave you the last, and perhaps most important piece of advice: utilize positive self-talk. It might sound silly, but if you think you’ll fail, then you will. But if you tell yourself that you’ve got this, then you will be more likely to succeed. Remember, your self-worth is in no way related to how well you can answer test questions or whether or not you succeed in a class. 

I know it seems super overwhelming right now but everything will be okay, I promise. Life might be really stressful now, but you won’t be stressed forever. Soon, the semester will be over and you’ll be on to the next great adventure. You got this! Now go and crush the rest of the semester! 

By: Sara, WIT Peer Educator

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