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Senate Funding Guidelines

Funding Requests

How to Submit a Funding Request

Group Funding Request Steps

*Only the Financial Officer or President of an organization can make this type of funding request.

  1. Log in to LakerLink
  2. Once you have signed in, click on the grid next to your icon.
  3. Click "Manage" in the pull-down menu.
  4. Under "My Memberships" on the Manage page, click the organization you are making the request for.
  5. On your organization's manage page, click on the three bars to display a pull out menu.
  6. Scroll down to "Finance".
  7. Click "Create New Request".
  8. Select which type of Funding Request you are making.
  9. Follow the steps of the form when prompted.
  10. Review the form and make sure that all required fields are completed for each section.
  11. Submit Request.


Once the request has been submitted, the Vice President of Finance for Student Senate will schedule you for a presentation to the Appropriations Funding Board. If you or your RSO have any questions, please email the Vice President of Finance for Student Senate at [email protected]

Individual Virtual or In-Person Professional Development Steps

  1. Log in to LakerLink
  2. Once you have signed in, click on your user icon.
  3. Scroll down on the pull-out menu and click "Submissions" 
  4. Click the "Budgeting" tab on the right side of the "My Submissions" page.
  5. Click "Create Request"
  6. Follow the steps of the form when prompted.
  7. Review the form and make sure that all required fields are completed for each section.
  8. Submit Request.


Once the request has been submitted, the Vice President of Finance for Student Senate will reach out if any additional information is needed. If you or your RSO have any questions, please email the Vice President of Finance through [email protected]

Funding Form Type

Individual Virtual or In-Person Professional Development

To be used by undergraduate students registered to a student organization who want to request virtual or in-person professional development opportunities. Only to be used for registration with a per person cost; for example, the price of one student to attend a virtual conference.

  • In order to be reviewed, the RSO President/Financial Officer must send an email to the Office of Student Life Finance Assistant, [email protected], with the name of the students approved to utilize the funds.
  • Each RSO member requesting funding must send an email to the Office of Student Life Finance Assistant, [email protected], with  supporting documentation of expenses (i.e. screenshot of registration).
  • Only five different students are eligible to receive funding on behalf of the organization (max of $500 for each student)
  • Students can use these funds on behalf of any organization once per academic year

*Club Sports has a separate funding form*

Campus Programming

To be used by undergraduate RSOs requesting funds for on-campus events

  • Bring all supporting documents to the Funding Board meeting, such as Catering Quotes, Room Reservations, etc. If necessary documents are not available at the time of the meeting, the request will be tabled.

Group Van Rental

To be used by undergraduate RSOs requesting funds for traveling to off-campus events or programming. 

  • Event justification should be included in form submission to be reviewed by Vice President of Finance for Student Senate and Assistant Director of Student Organizations.
  • Funding will not be approved until the vehicle is approved within the funding form by the Office of Student Life.

Organization Entry Fee / Tournament Fee / Annual Dues

To be used by undergraduate RSOs requesting funds with a group cost/flat fee to attend an event.

*Club Sports has a separate funding form*


To be used by undergraduate RSOs for equipment related purposes.

*Club Sports has a separate funding form*

Timeline for Funding Requests

Preparing for the Funding Meeting

Common Questions

During the Appropriations meeting, you will most likely be asked the following questions (that relate to your request). Please review them below and be prepared to answer them.

Event Requests

  • How will this event benefit Grand Valley State University?
  • Has your organization done any fundraising?
  • What funds are your organization paying for?
  • Do you have a set number of participants that want to attend?
  • Why is this event so important to your organization to get funding?
  • Has the Appropriations Funding Board funded this event in the past?
    • If so, how much did we fund?
    • If not, why did we deny the request?

Equipment Requests

  • Where are you buying the equipment from?
  • Is it market competitive pricing?
  • How long will the equipment last?
  • Who will be able to use this equipment?
  • What are you currently doing without this equipment (if applicable)?

Remaining Budget

This resource illustrates the remaining funds in each organization category (check LakerLink for your organization's category). This resource will be updated weekly.

Student Life Fund Breakdown


Funding Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Student Senate Appropriations Funding Board and Cultural Funding Board are recorded at each meeting. These minutes outline the detail of the requests and include rationale for why a request was approved, adjusted, or denied. These minutes are then posted within 48 hours and are accessible to the public in this folder.

Please contact the Office of Student Life Finance Assistant at [email protected] for any additional questions

Fundraising Guidelines

All revenue-generating activities conducted by RSOs must follow University policies, applicable (fraternity/sorority) Greek Council and/or (inter)national organization policies/procedures, as well as state, local, and federal laws.

Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Policy

The need for registered student organizations to conduct fundraising events to provide financial support for their organization continues to increase at Grand Valley State University. Recognizing this need, the Office of Student Life has established this fundraising policy with the following procedures and guidelines for conducting fundraising events. The overall purpose of this policy is to help organizations be as successful as possible in their efforts.

Definition. For the purposes of this policy, all activities involving the collection of money by registered student organizations are defined as revenue-producing projects. Revenue-producing projects include: the selling of printed materials, student-produced goods, student-provided services, the selling of tickets, travel packages and/or charging admission to private or public activities or the soliciting of voluntary contributions, and the selling of other goods and services.

Financial Benefit: Revenue-producing events held on campus or in the university facilities may not directly financially benefit the individual officers and/or members.

Fundraising Directly from Businesses or Non-Profits 

Student organizations may seek to reach out directly to businesses or non-profit organizations in order to receive funds or general donations.  All fundraising requests made in the name of the University must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Development. In addition, only the Vice President for Development or their designee is empowered to issue the University’s official receipt that qualifies a donor’s charitable contribution as deductible for tax purposes.  For this reason, student organizations must fill out a Fundraising Form with Institutional Development before reaching out directly to a business or non-profit organization. 

Fundraising on Campus

  1. Fundraising Privileges: Only registered student organizations, housing/residence life living centers, the Student Senate, or other campus departments may conduct revenue producing events on-campus.
  2. Off-Campus Entities, Businesses, or Non-profit Groups: Must follow the Commercial Activity Policy to be present on campus. 
  3. University Affiliated Commercial Activity: All student organizations wishing to plan a fundraising opportunity on campus must follow the University Affiliated Commercial Activity process and file the appropriate form with Event Services. 
  4. Applications are only required for on campus events.
  5. No revenue producing or fundraising activities may be conducted in conjunction with athletic competitions along stadium drive or at athletic events except for those sponsored by athletic teams that are approved by the Athletic Director.
  6. Food Sales. Due to health and liability issues, university policy requires a food waiver form to be completed and approved by Laker Food Co. This is the only authorized agency by the university to sell food items on campus. 
  7. Compliance with rules, policies, and laws. The sponsoring organization assumes all responsibility for conducting a revenue-producing project in compliance with the ordinances, written policies and regulations of Grand Valley State University. In addition, the organization is responsible for knowing and abiding by all local, county, state and federal laws.
  8. Holland and Grand Rapids Campuses. Further regulations may be in effect for the Holland and Grand Rapids campus locations. Refer to the "Who Reserves What Space?" resource to contact the appropriate individual for the space required. 
  9. Assistance. If you need assistance, the Office of Student Life in the Kirkhof Center offers Drop In Advising every Monday - Friday from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. No appointment is required, just drop in with your questions. 
  10. (Raffles/Millionaire Parties/Texas Hold Em' Poker) The State of Michigan regulates raffles and gaming, or any other kind of gambling, which requires advance registration with the State at least six (6) weeks in advance. If an organization is beginning to plan an event that involves gambling the organization should meet with a professional staff member in the Office of Student Life. The number of licenses the university has is limited and the application process requires a six week lead time. Complete information about these regulations is available on the web at Any license for gambling activity will need to be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Life and submitted to the Executive Officers of the University for final approval before sending to the State of Michigan.  Fraternities and Sororities are prohibited from hosting these types of event. 

Setting up an External Bank Account

For additional details please contact the Office of Student Life at [email protected].

These are general guidelines for creating or managing a student organizational bank account. Note that each bank is different, so their policies might require more or less documentation.

Starting a bank account or creating an EIN:

  • Must provide a federal tax identification number. Most groups obtain this by competing an Employer ID number with the IRS. Visit www.irs.govand search for “EIN” for the most current process. 
    • Can be completed over the phone (800-829-4933) or online
    • You will [functionally] be completing a SS-4 form.
      • Complete questions 1-10
      • Use 1110 Kirkhof Center, Allendale, MI, 49401, for the address so mail/statements will come to your student organization's mailbox in the Office of Student Life.
      • Make sure the name listed exactly matches the official name on LakerLink
      • Typically, the president or financial officer sign the form; if completed over the phone, a social security number will be required for verification purposes
    • Once complete, submit a copy of your EIN statement/paperwork to the Office of Student Life (1110 Kirkhof Center) for your group's permanent file. You will also need to include this information on LakerLink in your organization profile.
  • Provide a copy of your constitution/bylaws or articles of incorporation
  • Provide meeting minutes identifying all current officers

Renewing a bank account or changing signatures for the account

  • Varies widely per bank, so check with your bank directly

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