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Review this page for information about using Grand Valley's logo in a consistent manner. Because our logos are registered trademarks, it's critical that they are used correctly. Regulations for registered trademarks require us to actively monitor our logos for proper usage to guard against losing our trademark. If you have any questions please contact Institutional Marketing by calling (616) 331-2525 or emailing

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Logo Components

Complete Logo

Grand Valley’s logo or signature consists of the “Circle G” (logomark) and the words “Grand Valley State University” (logotype).

Grand Valley's Markleft and Marktop Logos


The “Circle G” logomark may be used alone only when the complete logo (logomark and logotype), as referenced above, is used somewhere else on the piece. The logomark must not be altered or used as part of a logo or design.

Example of Acceptable Logo Usage


The logotype may not be used without the logomark. The logotype may only appear as a part of the complete logo. Never use the Grand Valley State University logo in any form in a line of text. See the typography section for suggested complementary fonts. Replicating the logotype in a different font may not be attempted.

Example of Unacceptable Logotype Usage

Example of Unacceptable Logotype Usage

Single-line Version

The single-line version of the Grand Valley logo (logomark and logotype) may be used when the markleft or marktop versions of the Grand Valley logo do not work in a design or space is otherwise severely limited (such as on pens, etc.). The same usage rules apply to the single-line logo as the marktop or markleft logos as outlined on this page.

Grand Valley's Single-line Logo

Logo Colors

Official Colors

Color is a very important element in recall and recognition of the university brand. That is why it is important to match Grand Valley's official colors as closely as possible in print or on the Web.

Grand Valley Colors: Pantone 301, Black, White


OR: CMYK: 100-45-0-26

OR: RGB: R 0 G 101 B 164

OR: Hexadecimal (Web): #0065a4



Color Options

The logo must be one of the following:

  • All black
  • Two-color (blue logomark and the black logotype)
  • All blue (PMS 301 or CMYK 100-45-0-26)
  • White reversed out of a dark color

All Black and Two Color Grand Valley Logos

All Blue and White Reversed Out Grand Valley Logos

Colored Paper

Never reverse the logo out to a color other than white. When using colored paper, make the logo PMS 301 blue, black, or white.

Example of Unacceptable Logo Color

Logo Display

Grand Valley State University should be clearly and prominently displayed on the front of each communications piece.

This may be done by using a primary Grand Valley logo or the words "Grand Valley State University." If using the words "Grand Valley State University," a primary Grand Valley logo must be on the back of communications piece.

Although the logo can be resized, it should not be distorted or altered. The logo should not be placed where a hole-punch or binding may interfere with it.

Example of a Brochure Cover Using Grand Valley's Logo Correctly

Logo Dimensions

The logo (which consists of the logomark plus logotype) must measure at least 1.25 inches wide for the markleft logo, 1 inch wide for the marktop logo, and 2 inches wide for the single-line logo.

Always provide space around the logo, free of typography, graphics, or other distracting elements.

Grand Valley Logo Dimension Requirements

Do not change the proportions of the logo or otherwise distort the logo. Do not rotate the logo. The logo should only appear in a horizontal format.

Example of Unacceptable Grand Valley Logo Dimensions

Combination Logo

Combination logos consist of the Grand Valley logo with the unit’s name included under the logotype. Creating your own logo is prohibited.

Request a Combination Logo

You may request a university approved combination logo for your college, school, center, or department from Institutional Marketing by calling (616) 331-2525 or emailing

Example of Grand Valley Combination Logos

Add a Web Address to a Combination Logo

Unique Grand Valley Web addresses may be added beneath combination logos. Do not alter or add extensions to the Web address on primary logos that already include the university website.

When adding a Web address, it should appear in a sans-serif typeface (preferably Gill Sans) and should be 1/2 the height of the letter “Y” in the word “VALLEY.” The Web address should be centered under the logotype. As a rule of thumb, the space between the bottom of the unit name and the top of the "www" in the Web address should also be about 1/2 the height of the letter "Y" in the word "VALLEY."

Example of a Grand Valley Combination Logo With Web Address

University Seal

Use of the university seal is by permission of the Office of the President only.

Please call (616) 331-2100.

Grand Valley's University Seal