Cancellation/Closure Policy

SLT 6.3

Policy Statement

Grand Valley State University will close or cancel all or part of its operations in cases of emergency, utility disruptions, or for weather related reasons.


  • Cancellation: Classes will not be held. All staff are to report to work at their regular  time.
  • Closure/Closed: Classes and campus events will not be held. Only ESSENTIAL staff are to report to work.

When GVSU is closed, only essential staff are to report. Designated personnel in the following departments are deemed essential and are expected to report:

  • Department of Public Safety
  • Facilities Services
  • Athletic & Recreation Facilities
  • Food Service
  • Housing
  • Information Technology
  • Library
  • Pew Campus Operations
  • WGVU Television and Radio

Appointing officers have discretion to call in non-essential staff as circumstances may require.

Students, faculty and staff should assume the university is open unless they are advised otherwise through GVSUAlert!, the university’s emergency notification system, or on the radio or television.  In the event of closure or class cancellation, every effort will be made to make the announcement no later than 6:30 AM for daytime classes and 3:00 PM for evening classes.


University Criteria for Weather-related Cancellations or Closures

In evaluating whether to close for weather-related reasons, the following criteria are used: 1) the ability of the university’s road crews to keep campus roads and parking lots cleared; 2) the conditions of primary and secondary roads in the area as reported by the Michigan Department  of State Police as well as by central dispatch authorities in Kent and Ottawa counties; and, 3) weather reports regarding the track of the storm and other conditions.

Because commuting students, faculty and staff come from such a broad geographic area, it is extremely difficult to arrive at a decision that is appropriate for each vicinity. Weather conditions rarely are uniform throughout this large area. There is no one decision that will satisfy everyone; however, a diligent effort is made to arrive at a reasonable decision that considers the safety of students as well as their right to receive instruction. Under no circumstances does GVSU ask students, faculty or staff to assume undue risk in traveling to the University in inclement weather.

When GVSU Allendale is closed because of weather-related conditions, the Pew Grand Rapids Campus and the Meijer Holland Campus will also close.

When Muskegon Community College is closed, GVSU’s classes in Muskegon are canceled and the office in the Stevenson Center for Higher Education will close.

When Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City is closed, GVSU’s classes in Traverse City are canceled and the office in the NMC University Center will close.

Decisions to close or cancel activities at the Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI), the Muskegon Innovation Hub and the Detroit Center will be made separately, as these facilities host tenants, business events, and research functions not affiliated with university operations.

Announcements of closing and cancellation will be made through GVSUAlert!, on the Grand Valley web home page, and on GVNOW at Notifications may also be heard on area radio and television stations. For a more detailed update on campus conditions and area roads, tune to the Grand Valley State television and radio stations, WGVU-FM 88.5, WGVU-AM  1480, WGVS-AM 850, WGVS-FM 95.3, WGVU-TV 35, and WGVK-TV52.  Please do not call the university switchboard to seek closing or cancellation information.


Rescheduling Final Exams Affected by Cancellation or Closure

In the event of a cancellation or closure on a specified exam day, any classroom-based exams affected would be held on the next available day after the exam week has concluded. For example, if a Tuesday exam day were affected, the next available day after the conclusion of the exam week would be Saturday. If two exam days were affected, i.e. Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday’s exam would take place on Saturday and Thursday’s exam would be the following Monday. Faculty and students are advised to be aware of this contingency when making travel plans.

In the event of a cancellation or closure during exam week, faculty who are able to modify their exams to allow for online, take-home, or similar formats may do so for all students who agree.  Faculty have an obligation to provide the option to students to be examined in the manner described in the syllabus, and for those students, exams will be scheduled as described above.