MHA - Mission, Vision & Values


Empowering a diverse population of pre-, early, and mid-career students to become innovative and inclusive lifelong learners employed in positions of progressive responsibility in a variety of evolving healthcare sectors in the US and throughout the world.  Our faculty is committed to advancing their professional expertise in the field of health administration, to using innovative adult learning methods, as well as contributing to sector knowledge bases through applied research and service.



Through active engagement with the practitioner community, we will provide evidence-based educational experiences to develop the essential knowledge, specific competencies, and practical experiences for a career in healthcare. Our graduates will be well-rounded, ethical, inclusive, and effective practitioners prepared to shape the future of health and healthcare. 



To be the preeminent source for innovative education and stakeholder engagement by integrating a unique interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential and community-based learning, social responsibility, and active scholarship to develop students as effective leaders, public servants, and lifelong learners.

  • Ethical leadership and democratic governance 
  • Collegial culture  
  • Continuous innovation
  •  Stakeholder engagement  
  • Inclusive society, social justice, and social responsibility 

Page last modified December 6, 2023