Minor in Nonprofit Administration

The 21-credit minor in nonprofit management provides students with knowledge and skills useful in the variety of work done by the nonprofit sector.

The nonprofit sector includes thousands of large and small organizations, many faith-based, which employ over 14 million people working in various capacities, including event planning, grant writing, fundraising, budgeting, public relations, volunteer management, program evaluation, project management, and marketing. A minor in Nonprofit Administration can prepare you to apply knowledge gained from a major to the context of nonprofit organizations. This is an opportunity to simultaneously make a living and improve the world.

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Key People

Some recent graduates

Katherine DeRemer

Katherine DeRemer combined this minor with her Anthropology major. She is now an Underwriter for United Wholesale Mortgage.

Dominique Thurmond

Dominique Thurmond combined this minor with her International Relations major. She is now a Nonprofit Fellow with Philadelphia Legal Assistance.

Kortney Ondayko

Kortney Ondayko combined this minor with her Women and Gender Studies major. She is now an Evaluation Assistant at Starfish Family Services in Chicago.

Nikolaus Schroeder

Nikolaus Schroeder combined this minor with his Music major. He is now Composition Program Director at Triumph Music Academy.

Heather Andree

Heather Andree combined this minor with her dual majors of Psychology and Sociology. She is now a Support Coordinator at D.A. Blodgett - St. John's.

Delaney Faught

Delaney Faught combined this minor with her Communication Studies major. She is now a Development Assistant at Kids Food Basket.

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