Honor Societies

Pi Alpha Alpha

Pi Alpha Alpha, the National Honor Society for Accredited Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, recognizes outstanding students in public administration, public policy, and public affairs. Currently, has 162 chapters. The purpose of Pi Alpha Alpha is to encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration. Its objectives, such as fostering integrity, professionalism, and effective performance, promote the advancement of quality in the education and practice of the art and science of public affairs and administration. Membership identifies those with the highest performance levels in educational programs preparing them for public service careers. Each year SPNHA faculty award the most outstanding MPA students who are nearing graduation. 

Nu Lambda Mu

In 2012, the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council established the Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society to recognize students dedicated to the study of nonprofit management, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship/enterprise. The mission of the Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society is to advance the study of nonprofit organizations and their function in society and to promote scholarly achievement among those who engage in these academic pursuits. Nu Lambda Mu seeks to recognize those who, as part of a degree or certificate program, have excelled in coursework and as a leader to others. By encouraging rigorous study in the field of public serving organizations, the Nu Lambda Mu Honor Society promotes the professionalization and ethical conduct of all who pursue careers of service in the nonprofit, social sectors, philanthropy and/or social entrepreneurship/enterprise.

Phi Kappa Phi

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was established to recognize and encourage superior scholarship without restriction as to area of study and to promote the "unity and democracy of education". It was founded in 1897 at the University of Maine and is the oldest and the largest all discipline honor society in the United States. The society has more than 100,000 active members which include great minds in science and medicine, government and law, military, education and business, along with sports, literature and the arts, and just about every other field imaginable. Every year, a few students from our programs are nominated for membership in Grand Valley State University's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi.


Upsilon Phi Delta

Membership in Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society is open to individuals who meet the national and local standards of this organization and are accepted and initiated into membership of a collegiate chapter. Membership is open to students, faculty, healthcare executives and administrators, and to those contributing to the healthcare administration profession.

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