Minor in Public Administration

The 21-credit minor in public administration provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for success and advancement in public and nonprofit organizations.

A minor in public administration is useful for a wide variety of majors and can open the door to exciting careers in public service!

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Key People

Public Administration Graduates

Adam Klug

Adam Klug combined this minor with his Communications Studies major. He is now a Senior Consultant at AEBetancourt.

Dana Nicholson

Dana Nicholson combined this minor with her Psychology major. She is now Regional Sales Director with HealthBridge

Jacob Schacht

Jacob Schacht combined this minor with his major in Political Science and is currently Assistant to the City Manager at City of Battle Creek.

Tyler Ziola

Tyler Ziola combined this minor with his Management major and is now a Senior Associate/Onboarding Specialist at Ernst & Young.

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