The time is now to find an education that aligns with your interests and values through one of our computing, engineering, and occupational safety and health management majors. We offer 11 accredited undergraduate programs. Our programs have several hands-on learning opportunities through internship or co-op, research and development labs, industry-sponsored capstone project experiences, and lab work where you'll gain practical skills that bridge the gap between theory and real-life world application. 

Embark on a Journey into the Digital Frontier

Whether you dream of developing the next big software, safeguarding data from cyber threats, or optimizing business technology, the School of Computing empowers you to turn your passion into a fulfilling career. The School of Computing offers four robust undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, and Information Technology. Don't just adapt to the future—shape it!

Ignite Innovation, Shape the World

By choosing an engineering major at GVSU, you're not just earning a degree – you're preparing for a fulfilling and impactful career. The School of Engineering offers six dynamic undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Interdisciplinary Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. Whether you dream of revolutionizing healthcare, technology, or designing cutting-edge products, we have a program tailored to your ambitions. Embrace the challenge, seize the opportunities, and engineer your path to success at GVSU. 

Safeguarding Lives and Shaping the Future of Workplace Safety

Position yourself for success in a field that's more crucial than ever. As organizations prioritize employee well-being, the demand for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals are on the rise. A degree in Occupational Safety and Health Management opens doors to make a difference in every field imaginable – from healthcare to manufacturing, construction to technology. Your future, and the safety of others, starts here.

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