Winter 2018

Documents useful to faculty for Winter 2018 activities.

Fall 2017 Documents

College documents (typically distributed at our Fall 2017 Start-up Meeting)

  • College start-up PowerPoint presentation, click here.
  • College committee list, 2017-2018, click here.
  • Fall 2017 Organization Chart, click here.
  • Committee Report (from activities Fall '16 - Winter '17), click here.
  • College calendar of important dates for fall 2017, click here.
  • Presentation link to Health and Wellness video, click here.
  • Presentation link to Park Positive video, click here

Padnos College New Faculty Training (held August 23rd) PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Winter 2017 Documents

College Documents (typically distributed when dean attends an early unit meeting)

  • Deans office calendar of important dates for Winter 2017, click here.
  • College & University committee representatives, with any Winter 2017 substitutions, click here.


Document Archives

For planning document archives, please visit the following links:

PCEC Strategic Plan - Final 2010
PCEC Implementation Activities (companion to Strategic Plan documents)

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