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Current GVSU Student Advising
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These appointments are for currently enrolled GVSU students, who have not received secondary admission. 

 If you are planning to transfer to GVSU in the future and would like to talk with an advisor, please visit the transfer student page or call our office at (616) 331-6025

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Prospective Student Advising
Call us to make an appointment

If you are considering coming to Grand Valley State University and you would like more information about the programs offered in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, please give our office a call to set up an appointment.

Our contact information is:
Phone: (616) 331-6025 
Email: [email protected].

Transfer Students
Planning to transfer?

If you are considering transferring to GVSU from another college or university, please check out our transfer student page for more information or call our office at (616) 331-6025.

Please do not schedule a current student advising appointment.

Transfer Students


When you log into Navigate, and select the Schedule An Appointment Button, you will want to select "Academic Advising" and then the major you want to speak with an Advisor about. 

- If you would like to meet in-person, make sure that you select the campus location where you’d like to meet with your academic advisor (Allendale or Pew campus).

- If you select Video Advising - an advisor will send your GVSU Gmail account a link to your virtual meeting before your appointment time. Please be sure to check your email prior to your scheduled appointment time.

- If you'd like a Phone Advising appointment - please call our office at (616) 331-6025 and the office will schedule your appointment with an academic advisor.



Whether you have scheduled an in-person, video, or phone appointment; federal privacy regulations require all academic information to remain confidential between an advisor & student. If you would like an additional person to participate in your appointment (parent, guardian, friend, etc), please complete a FERPA release form (with a handwritten signature), scan it, and send your signed FERPA form to your advisor in advance of your appointment.



  • Prepare questions. When you schedule your appointment please include in EAB or let our front desk know what you’d like to discuss with an advisor.  Prior to your appointment, it is also helpful to review your myPath or previous advising appointment notes and jot down questions or topics that you’d like to discuss with your advisor.


  • Be on time. We have a very strict late appointment policy, if you do not attend your scheduled appointment within 10 minutes of the start time for your appointment then you will need to reschedule.  If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend your appointment, you can call (616) 331-6025, email your advisor, or log into EAB to cancel your appointment.


  • For phone & video appointments - Find a private space to meet with your advisor. As noted above, your educational records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Protect Act (FERPA). This means that what we discuss is confidential, so family, friends, and roommates should not be present without a signed consent form sent to your advisor in advance. We know this can be not easy, but please know that we reserve the right to end our appointments early if privacy and confidentiality are not being met.  It is also helpful to have a quiet and private space so that you are able to communicate and focus on the information being discussed clearly.



We care about your safety as well as your academic needs. Therefore, we will only conduct an advising appointment if you are in a location and/or position to safely and attentively engage with the meeting. If you are driving, walking, or are otherwise unable to give your full attention to the advising appointment we will end the call and will happily reschedule for a time when you are able to fully participate in the appointment.

Please note: If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student with questions about your upcoming semester and you have not yet attended your advising and registration session, call us at (616) 331-6025 or email us at [email protected].

If you have already received secondary admission into your major, please contact your faculty advisor.

You can find your faculty advisor by watching the tutorial linked below. Once you know who your faculty advisor is, please reach out to them via email or stop by their office hours for assistance. 

Who Is My Advisor?

What if my Advisor doesn't have any open appointments?

That is okay! If your assigned advisor doesn't have any open appointments, you can book with any advisor in our office. When you are making an appointment, you can select "Any Advisor" and you will be able to book a first available appointment.

Professional Advisors and Faculty Advisors

In the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, students have two different types of advisors.

Professional Advisors:

- Broader perspective on your undergraduate experience
- Guides on major/minor and graduation requirements
- Helps navigate the process and clarifies for you the steps necessary to prepare for a career and/or graduate study
- Addresses your questions and concerns about college and university policies and procedures, your myPath degree evaluation and transcripts
- Connects you with resources and extra- and co-curricular experiences available to students.

Faculty Advisors:

- Experts in your major field and bring this in-depth understanding to help with  addressing your questions/concerns about upper level class choices
- Know the wide variety of careers available to majors
- Assists you in preparing for specific graduate programs and careers
- Help you evaluate how well your skills and abilities fit with the field and your goals
- Have extensive contacts in the field and can foster your professional development in your academic area of interests

Special Circumstances

  • MAJOR CHANGES: If you have changed or will be changing your major and/or minor, you will want to meet with the advisor for that new major and/or minor.
  • DOUBLE MAJORS: If you are a double major/minor, please schedule your appointment with the advisor who works with the program you have the most questions about.
  • PROBATION OR JEOPARDY OF DISMISSAL: If you are in jeopardy of dismissal or on academic probation (overall GPA below 2.0) Please call our office at (616) 331-6025.
  • RETURNING STUDENTS: If you have been dismissed or are re-entering the university after having been away for a year or longer, call (616) 331-6025 or stop by the PCEC Student Advising Center (EC 101)  to schedule an appointment. Please do not make an appointment online.
  • TRANSFER STUDENTS: If you are an incoming transfer student, please do not schedule an appointment but instead schedule your transfer advising and registration session as outlined in your acceptance letter. 
  • HONORS COLLEGE STUDENTS: If you have questions relating to your Honors College curriculum, please schedule your appointment with an Honors college advisor.

Page last modified September 7, 2023