Student Commuters

Where am I allowed to park?

On the Allendale Campus: Areas marked with a red "S"

  • Lot A (Near Lubbers Stadium)
  • Lot B (Around the Ravines Center)
  • Lot C (North of Fieldhouse)
  • Lot G (South of Lot F in designated commuter spaces)
  • Lot H (Across Campus Drive from Kirkhof Center in designated Commuter spaces)
  • Lot K (Across Campus Drive from Haas Performing Arts Center in designated Commuter spaces) 
  • Lot Z (Near the Campus Health Center in designated commuter spaces)

On the Pew Campus: Areas marked with a red "S"

  • Seward Flat Lot (Not along eastern fence line reserved for Faculty and Staff, North of Fulton St.)
  • Seward Ramp (South of Lake Michigan Dr.)
  • Winter Lot (No overnight parking)
  • Mt. Vernon Lot (In designated commuter spaces only, South of Fulton St.)
  • Watson Lot (Not in Bicycle Factory Employee Spaces, South of Winter Hall)

Where am I NOT allowed to park?

  • The Health Campus
  • Meters and Pay Stations (Payment Required)
  • Faculty and Staff Spaces
  • Pew or Allendale Resident Spaces
  • Specially Signed Spaces