Calder Residents

Where can I park?

On the Allendale campus: Areas marked with an orange "C" or a yellow "R"

  • Lots D4-D9 (NOT Lots D1-D3)
  • Lot J (Behind Laker Village)
  • Lot O (In the signed Calder resident spaces)
  • Lot P (Across from Murray and VanSteeland)
  • GVA (At the Grand Valley Apartments)
  • Lot R (South of South D and South E housing)

On the Pew Campus: Areas marked with a red "S"

  • Seward Flat Lot (Not along eastern fence line reserved for Faculty and Staff, North of Fulton St.)
  • Seward Ramp (South of Lake Michigan Dr.)
  • Winter Lot (No overnight parking)
  • Mt. Vernon Lot (In designated commuter spaces only, South of Fulton St.)
  • Watson Lot (Not in Bicycle Factory Employee Spaces, South of Winter Hall)

Where am I not allowed to park?

  • Meters and Pay Stations (Still require payment)
  • Faculty and Staff Lots
  • Student Commuter Lots in Allendale
  • Any Specially Signed Spaces