Student Programs & Grants

OURS programs and services support students throughout their research and scholarly development whether a student is exploring a research/ creative project or has completed a project. Programs and services are categorized as Scholar and Fellowship Programs or Research Support and Recognition Programs. Scholar and Fellowship Programs are programs that provide intensive research and scholarly experiences. These programs offer students structured support and guidance as well as financial compensation through a stipend. Research Support and Recognition Programs provide funding for students to conduct the research, travel to present/exhibit their work, and elevate their research experiences by becoming an Undergraduate Research, or Creative, Scholar.

Students who are curious and exploring research and creative work should browse the opportunities and reach out through the OURS Interest Form with any questions, or to receive specialized advising mentoring for their major. 


Scholar & Fellowship Programs            Research Support & Recognition

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Scholar & Fellowship Programs

Alayont Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Mathematics

The Alayont Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Mathematics has been developed to provide financial support to students pursuing rigorous, independent scholarship during the academic year, mentored by a faculty member.

P. Douglas Kindschi Undergraduate Research Fellowship in the Sciences

The Kindschi Fellowship provides financial support to students pursuing rigorous, independent scholarship during the academic year, mentored by a faculty member in one of the following areas: aquatic sciences, allied health sciences, athletic training, biology, biomedical sciences, cell and molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, information systems, mathematics, movement science, neuroscience, physics, recreational therapy, and statistics.

Student Summer Scholars/Modified Student Summer Scholars

The Student Summer Scholars (S3) and the Modified Student Summer Scholar programs provide funds for a student and faculty mentor to devote time to a research and/or creative project during the spring/summer semester. Generally, S3/MS3  grants provide a student stipend, faculty stipend, and a small budget for supplies.

GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program

The GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program provides students with the opportunity to have an intensive research experience using the library’s resources and collections over the summer semester.

Michigan Space Grant Consortium

The vision of the Michigan Space Grant Consortium is to foster awareness of, education in, and research on space-related science and technology in Michigan.

Reach Scholars Program

The REACH Scholars program provides students an opportunity to engage in an intensive summer experience (either 6 or 12-week). Scholars will participate in mentored undergraduate research and receive programmatic support. Scholars will continue to work with the REACH Scholars support team, even after the summer experience has concluded. The Scholar will work with a mentoring team to create and implement a scholarly action plan that will continue the student’s trajectory to meet their academic and professional goals, success in future endeavors, and additional opportunities to bolster one’s undergraduate experience.

GVSU McNair Scholars Program

The GVSU McNair Scholars Program provides support to first generation students with significant financial need, or members of racial and ethnic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in careers that require Ph.Ds. The goal of the program is to provide students support in undergraduate research, graduate school preparation, and the graduate school application process. McNair is a 15-month program, split by semester. Students who are interested in this program must be a first-generation college student – with a limited income and/or a member of an underrepresented group in graduate education (African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, Native Pacific Islander). Additionally, students must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S., must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA overall, must have an interest in conducting research (research is required one or two summers with the program) and must have dedication to earning a Ph.D. in any major (commitment to pursuing a Ph.D, regardless of your field of study, is a program requirement). 

Research Support & Recognition

Academic Conference Fund

The Academic Conference Fund (ACF) is available to all undergraduate students who may be looking for one-time funding to present/perform at an academic conference that is related to their major, minor, and/or professional goals.

Academic and Professional Enrichment Fund

The Academic and Professional Enrichment Fund (APEF) provides travel funds to support undergraduate student travel to academic conferences and meetings coordinated by a faculty sponsor. APEF is available to all undergraduate students who may be looking for one time funding to attend an academic conference that is related to their major, minor, and/or professional goals, or to engage in a professional experience. Students must be accompanied by a coordinating faculty member. Attending a conference with a faculty member can be a valuable experience which can enrich a student’s understanding of a discipline and subsequent professions. APEF is intended to assist students in attending such conferences. 

OURS Project Supplies Grant

The OURS Project Supplies Grant supports undergraduate student research, performance, and scholarship and is designed to encourage collaborative scholarly research and creative work between undergraduate students and faculty. 

Undergraduate Research/Creative Scholar Transcript Designation

Exemplary GVSU Undergraduate students who have pursued research or creative projects are eligible to receive a designation of “Undergraduate Research Scholar” or “Undergraduate Creative Scholar” on their official transcript.

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