The GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program provides students with the opportunity to have an intensive research experience using the library’s resources and collections. Mentored by a librarian faculty mentor, the scholar will develop a project that will enhance their library knowledge and skills while contributing to the library and engaging in a disciplinary, scholarly conversation.

The amazing work of past scholars can be found in the Student Summer Scholars collections in ScholarWorks@GVSU.

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We are not currently accepting applications for the Library Scholars Program. 


About the Award

As part of the program, scholars will:

  1. learn about and explore the library’s resources, services, and staff;
  2. engage deeply with library collections and/or resources to support a scholarly or creative exploration, using information literacy skills that are honed during the project, and;
  3. create a finding aid, exhibit, learning object or other product that supports other students’ use of the library and contributes to the library’s mission.

Over the 12-week period, scholars participate in multiple modes of learning that will help them explore and understand the purpose and work of libraries, information literacy, and the ways learning communities use libraries. The Library Scholars Program prepares scholars for a more nuanced understanding of scholarly communication and for more effective use of the library. These learning experiences include:

  • Introduction to the Library Collections, Services, and Spaces: The Library Research Scholars will be introduced to the library’s many services, meeting library faculty and staff who will help students understand the many facets of the GVSU Libraries’ work. Students will work with library faculty and staff from library departments including Research and Instruction, Archives & Special Collections, Technical and Information Services, User Experience, and Administration.
  • Participation in a Cohort Community: The Library Research Scholars will participate in both library-only events, as well as events that connect them with other scholars engaged in undergraduate research across campus.
  • Mentorship and Research Experience: Each Library Research Scholar will be paired with a librarian who will mentor the student in their research/use of the library collections and their development and creation of a deliverable (see below).
  • Scholarly or creative product: This product, which could take one of many formats, engages deeply with a facet of the library collections and serve as a learning tool, finding aid, or creative product or display that will engage, teach, or assist other library users. If possible, this scholarly or creative product will be included in ScholarWorks, the GVSU Library’s Institutional Repository, and will be freely available. Students may develop plans for their own product idea with the input and guidance of their librarian mentor, or they may choose to work on a librarian mentor’s scholarly or creative product idea.
  • Self-Reflection: Scholars will reflect on their experiences as a library user, library researcher, and participant/observer of a scholarly conversation. This reflection will take the form of a research journal, a blog, or another format as chosen by the scholar with the approval of their mentor.
  • Summer Showcase: Students will present at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship summer showcase, along with REACH Scholars and Student Summer Scholars.

The award provides library scholars with a $2,000 stipend for the Spring/ Summer Semester beginning, May 6, 2024 and ending August 6, 2024. This stipend is awarded for completing 20 hours of commitment per week.

The program is available to undergraduate students at GVSU who have not yet completed the requirements for graduation. It is expected that the student will be enrolled at GVSU as a full-time undergraduate for at least one full semester of study beyond the period of the award (i.e. the following Fall semester).


The following Library faculty members are examples of possible GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentors:


The application process for the GVSU Library Scholars Summer Program has two components.

First, interested students need to submit their application online. The application must consist of the following materials:

  • Letter of interest
  • Résumé
  • Letter of recommendation

Second, after a review of applications, qualified candidates will be invited to participate in an interview with the selection team.

For more information about the application process, and/or to determine program eligibility, please contact the Program Director via email, Amber Dierking.

How to Apply

The application needs to be one complete PDF document that you will submit online. There is only one upload button, so please be sure your document is complete.



No. Library Scholars will develop the plans for product with the input and guidance of librarian mentors. However, if you do have an idea or ideas for a product, please include that in your letter of interest. Students may also choose to work on a librarian mentor’s scholarly or creative product idea. 

Products can take many forms; the possibilities are wide-ranging, and are not limited to the following examples: a library guide, an exhibit in the library, a computer program, a finding aid, an annotated bibliography, a film, an infographic, a play, a paper, a presentation, a poster, a website, an artwork, a piece of music. These products will be shared with the GVSU community in order to help connect users to the library or specific library collections.

Include information that shows why you’d like to take part in this program. This might include (but isn’t limited to): Why you are interested in this program; What aspects of the library or scholarly discourse particularly interest you; Your scholarly and creative interests and how you see them interacting with the library’s collections, services, or programs.

No. You will receive a stipend and the experience of the program.

No. While this would be a wonderful experience to prepare students to work with information as librarians or other information specialists, this program is for any student who is inquisitive about a topic or discipline and is interested in working closely with the library services, programs, and collections.

The GVSU Career Center has a website and support for resume/CV writing:

GVSU Fred Meijer Center for Writing & Michigan Authors (aka the Writing Center) provides consultations on writing resumes:

Ask a faculty member (either from a class or from the library) who knows you and can write about your scholarly work, abilities, curiosity, and drive.

If you are not able to include the letter of recommendation with your complete proposal, please have your faculty member forward to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at 230 LIB, or to [email protected] by the deadline date.

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