OURS Project Supplies Grant

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship has established a fund to support undergraduate student research, performance, and scholarship. The OURS Project Supplies Grant is designed to encourage collaborative scholarly research and creative work between undergraduate students and faculty. An undergraduate student may propose a research, scholarly, or creative project to a faculty member, or a faculty member may actively recruit an undergraduate student for collaboration. These grants provide students with financial support of up to $500 for supplies and equipment. Undergraduate students (both part- and full-time) are eligible to apply. Students are eligible for funding only once per academic year.

About the Award

Up to $500 to be used on supplies, equipment, and library and archival activities for faculty-mentored research and scholarship.

The OURS Project Supplies Grant is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for the Fall or Winter semesters (provided proposals meet established guidelines), until funds are exhausted for the semester. Although grants are non-competitive, each application will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship.

Please note: OURS grants are NOT to be used for travel expenses for conferences. If a student is presenting at a conference and needs funding for travel, apply to the Academic Conference Fund (coordinated by the student) or the Academic and Professional Enrichment Fund (coordinated by faculty).

Funding eligibility is open to all undergraduate students who meet the following:

  • Are at least a halftime undergraduate student of Grand Valley State University (6 credits)
  • Are in good financial and judiciary standing with the University
  • Are in good academic standing with the University

Students may be awarded one OURS grant only during her/his GVSU Undergraduate career.

Faculty mentors will commit an appropriate portion of their time to effectively and actively mentor a student. Faculty must disclose any pending or successful applications for additional funding for the project.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship will reimburse the costs associated with the project up to the amount awarded. We will reimburse the entity who incurs the costs, whether that be the student, faculty, or academic department. We can reimburse directly through the travel and expense process, or through inter-department OnBase transfer requests.

If you have questions, please contact us at ours@gvsu.edu or 331-8100

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted on a per semester basis for the academic year until funds are depleted. Funding awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the semester in which funds are needed.

Faculty and student should prepare the proposal per the requirements listed below. The proposal needs to be one complete PDF document that you will submit online. There is only one upload button, so please be sure your document is complete.


Proposal Requirements

The proposal must be one PDF, include the following sections, and adhere to the following guidelines:

Project Proposal
Please prepare a non-technical proposal no more than 1,000 words which includes the following information:

  • Statement of purpose that includes a description of the project and what the student wishes to gain from the experience.
  • Description of previous work on this project, if applicable.
  • Projected timeline for completion of the project that details the responsibilities of the student and mentor at each stage.
  • Expected dissemination outcomes. What plans, in addition to Student Scholars Day, does the student have for disseminating outcomes of the project?

Proposed Budget
Please itemize your budget and include only those items which directly pertain to your project. Include a description of each item, the timeline (proposed date of reimbursement request), and the amount. You may use the Budget Template linked below.

Budget Justification
Include a budget justification of no more than 250 words.

Faculty Mentor Recommendation
It should be written on GVSU letterhead, signed by the faculty mentor, and include the following:

  • Discuss the qualifications of the student.
  • What is the significance of the proposed project for the student?
  • What are the faculty member’s student-centered goals for this project? What pedagogical techniques will the faculty member use to help the student achieve those goals? What active collaboration will take place?
  • Describe the steps to be taken to allow the student to become a more independent researcher/scholar during the project.
  • Describe any past or present experience supervising this student as a research assistant, in a course, or in a directed study project; describe the student’s work in that capacity and how it differs from the proposed project.
  • If funds are available to you through grants or other sources, please indicate whether additional funds will be committed to this project. If so, please indicate amount and source of funding.

Supplemental Document Templates

You will be asked to submit a proposed budget with the application. We have provided a budget template that you may use. The use of the template is not required, but a proposed budget is required.

Download the Proposed Budget Template


In the case of multiple students collaborating on the same project, the student named here will be the primary contact person. All other students should complete the “Additional Applicant” form and submit it with this application.

Download the Additional Applicant Form

Grantee Responsibilities

Student Scholars Day
Funded students will be required to participate in the Student Scholars Day (SSD) that falls within the academic year that the grant was awarded, and must submit their SSD abstract to GVSU's Institutional Repository, Scholar Works.

OURS Grant Report and Reflection
Each student must provide a final report and reflection, which includes actual budget information, an abstract ready for publication or presentation (outside of the GVSU community) or a description of the current status of the project, and a reflective essay. The report and reflection should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship by the last day of classes in your project semester (see your notification email for exact date).

Submit your Report


You will be asked to submit your final budget with the report and reflection. We have provided a budget template that you may use. The use of the template is not required, but an actual budget is required.

Download Budget Template