Basketball Pep Band

Basketball Pep Band
MUS 111 Section 01
(Winter Only)

The GVSU Basketball Pep Band is an auditioned ensemble (class) that is open to any student at GVSU, and each member is paid $450 after the completion of the season. The band plays at the home games of the the men's and women's basketball teams. Travel to GLIAC and NCAA tourney games is another benefit of membership. In 2016, the pep band traveled to Sioux Falls, SD to cheer on our Final Four Women's Team! Comprised of 40 members, the pep band energizes the game environment before, during and after the games. If you want to be a part of a great "family," carry on our sense of pride, work hard, and above all have fun in performing for the best fans in the country, then the GVSU Basketball Pep Band is for you! 

Piccolo - 3; Clarinet - 3; Alto Saxophone - 3, Tenor Saxophone - 2; Baritone Saxophone - 1; Mellophone - 3; Trumpet - 10; Trombone - 4; Baritone - 2; Sousaphone - 4; Electric Bass - 1; Drumset - 2; Feature Twirler -1; Student Conductor-1

Audition Information

Date: Sunday, November 5 from 8:00-9:30pm & Monday, November 6 from 8:00-9:30pm
Location: HCPA 1211 (Dr. Martin's Office)

*Drumset Auditions will be held on Tuesday, November 7 from 6:00-9:00pm in HCPA 1515 (Band Room)

Audition Process:

  • Sign up for audition time.
    • Audition Sign-Up List will be posted November 1 on the Bulletin Board outside of the Band Room (Performing Arts Center, Room 1515).
  • Drumset Auditions -  Please contact Dr. Martin about audition material
  • Download and prepare your audition music completely (tempo, articulation, dynamics, etc.).
  • Audition at your specific time.
  • Audition results will be posted on the Bulletin Board outside of the Band Room (Performing Arts Center, Room 1515) on Tuesday, November 7.

Audition Music

- Audio File

Piccolo Clarinet Alto Sax

Tenor Sax/B. Clar. Baritone Sax

Mellophone Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2

Trombone 1 Trombone 2

Baritone BC Baritone TC

Sousaphone  Electric Bass

Basketball Pep Band Documents


2023-24 Pep Band Roster

2023-24 Flip Folder List

2023-24 Basketball Pep Band Syllabus

2023-24 REVISED Basketball Pep Band Schedule

Sub-Contract Form 

I-9 Federal Form 


Mandatory Completion of Federal I-9 Form by First Performance

  • The Federal I-9 form must be completed/submitted by the first performance. You can obtain the forms here.
  • The I-9 form can only be completed when the student brings in the necessary identifying documents. These documents include-
    • U.S. passport      OR
    • Driver’s license or student ID AND a social security card or birth certificate.
  • All of these documents MUST be the original – Student Employment staff will not accept copies, scans or pictures. Students cannot work on campus until their I-9 and tax forms are submitted.
  • All of the necessary forms that students need to fill out can be found and completed in the Student Employment Office. We are located within the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships on the first floor of the Student Services Center on the Allendale campus. The office is open M-F from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Their number is (616) 331-3238.

Please note: If you have worked on-campus within the last 12 months, then you should have a Federal I-9 on file already. You can contact our office to determine if you may need to fill out another form. 

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