Band and Orchestra Auditions

We are excited that you are interested in making music with us at GVSU! All Music Ensembles at GVSU are open to all GVSU students, regardless of major. 

You may learn more about our Wind Symphony at and Orchestra at

Students Enrolled in Applied Lessons

All brass, percussion, string and woodwind students enrolled in applied music lessons are required to participate in Wind Symphony, Orchestra, or Concert Band (if available) except Bachelor of Arts majors who may elect other ensembles as indicated in the student handbook. Ensemble placement is by audition, only. 

Audition Results

Ensemble assignments for Brass, Percussion, and Woodwind for Concert Band, Orchestra, and Wind Symphony. 

Audition Results

Course Conflict Policy

  1. Students enrolled in applied lessons are placed in an ensemble on the basis of audition. We will accommodate required courses that are only available that term (for example, ED 331, but others exist) as long as your audition level matches that of the other players in the ensemble. 
  2. Conflicts that are not time-sensitive (you could take a substitute course or section) will not be considered over audition placement. 
  3. If you are not enrolled in applied lessons - typically students who are not music majors or minors - we will honor any time conflict that does not bump someone who placed higher in auditions. The auditions must be fair and have meaning.
  4. Please register ASAP. Rehearsal plans will be issued through the Blackboard course page.

Fall Audition Schedule

Auditions are currently scheduled to be held in PAC 1515. 

Saturday, August 28

9:00 am - Saxophone

10:00 am - Bassoons

10:30 am - Oboes

1:00 pm - Clarinets

2:30 pm - Trombones

4:00 pm - Trumpets

6:00 pm - Violins

Sunday, August 29

1:00 pm - Horns

2:30 pm - Flutes

4:00 pm - Tubas

5:00 pm - Euphoniums

6:00 pm - Percussion

7:00 pm - Violas

7:45 pm - Cellos

9:00 pm - Basses