Alumni Highlights


Ellyanne Rosenthal, German, BA German & International Relations, 2011

During her two study abroad semesters in Schwäbisch Gmünd (near Stuttgart) in 2009 & 2010, the German language came to life for Elly. She lived with a host family in 2009, who inspired her to really improve her German.

Jeff Hayes, Chinese, BA Journalism, 2000

Although Jeff graduated with a degree in Journalism, he was very passionate about the Chinese language while attending GVSU.

Clarice Okada, Japanese, BA English Lit, 2013

"If it wasn't for my language study at GVSU and the amazing professors I had, I never would have wanted to pursue a career in Japan."

Amber Sackett, French, BA French - Civilization, 2017

During her time as an undergraduate student, Amber pursued French, Arabic and Middle East studies.

Christopher Penzien, German, BA German, 2002

Increased cultural awareness gained through studying a foreign language and participating in a study-abroad program has helped him throughout his career by giving him the skills needed to interact with people from varying backgrounds.

Joshua Kahn, German, BA German, 2006

Josh studied abroad during his time in the German program at GVSU, and his experiences in Tübingen were a pivotal point for what has been a lifelong dedication to global understanding and working across markets.

Paula Zokoe, French & Spanish, BA French 1999

Paula became a Spanish and French teacher directly following graduation.

Kala Willette, French, BA French - Linguistics, 2012

Kala says, "I have always really appreciated my French language background and the quality classes I took at GVSU. I am still super proud of my language skills!"

Melanie (Kloian) Benezet, French, BA French - Linguistics, 2009

Melanie says "An unexpected benefit to learning French was that I was able to establish a relationship with distant cousins in Grasse, France. I communicate with them regularly and visit them when I return to France."

Tiffany Aurora, Arabic, BA International Relations, 2009

ISOLATION is the first book in The Chronicles of the Survivors of Johanum, a sci-fi/fantasy series that has been heavily influenced by the Arabic language and by Tiffany's travels in the Middle East.

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