Mission, Vision, and Values


MLL is a student-centered learning community that fosters greater understanding of diverse cultural, literary, and linguistic perspectives. 


We prepare our students to be informed global citizens, lifelong learners, and productive professionals who are able to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage successfully in diverse environments.  


As a department we value:

  • intercultural competency through the study of literature, linguistics, and culture at all levels of our curriculum. 
  • a proficiency-based learning environment.
  • the study of language through culture and culture through language.
  • critical reflection on one’s own cultures through interaction with diverse cultural perspectives. 
  • connections with local and global communities. 
  • high-impact learning experiences such as study abroad  and undergraduate scholarly and creative endeavors. 
  • intellectual inquiry and creative expression in a diverse community of scholars.
  • varied service contributions to unit, college, university, and community.  

Page last modified December 9, 2015