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A Look Into Our Programs

The Modern Languages and Literatures Department's language courses offer not just the chance to study a language, but to actively engage with another culture with a respectful understanding and awareness of its people in alignment with GVSU's Vision and strategic priorities to "inspire and equip students to be active life-long learners and global citizens".

Multiple studies link the benefits of language learning to: 

  • enhanced cognitive ability and flexibility
  • delaying mental effects of aging
  • empathy and effective interpersonal skills
  • improved learning outcomes in other subjects

The following professions are seeing an increased need for language skills:

  • Business and International Relations
  • Health Professions
  • Engineering and other STEM fields
  • National Security and other diplomatic government positions
  • Non-profit Organizations 

Check out our majors, minors, and other language courses.

FRE 380 - French Food and Culture

Lead with Languages

Learn how knowing a second (or third!) language gives you a boost up the ladder to success.

Foreign Language Major Careers

Now you can tell everyone what you're going to do after you graduate. 

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

You could travel forever and what else? Here are seven more reasons. 

Meet Our Students

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Shania Mason

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