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A Look Into Our Programs

The Modern Languages and Literatures Department's language courses offer not just the chance to study a language, but to actively engage with another culture with a respectful understanding and awareness of its people in alignment with GVSU's Vision and strategic priorities to "inspire and equip students to be active life-long learners and global citizens".

Multiple studies link the benefits of language learning to: 

  • enhanced cognitive ability and flexibility
  • delaying mental effects of aging
  • empathy and effective interpersonal skills
  • improved learning outcomes in other subjects

The following professions are seeing an increased need for language skills:

  • Business and International Relations
  • Health Professions
  • Engineering and other STEM fields
  • National Security and other diplomatic government positions
  • Non-profit Organizations 

Check out our majors, minors, and other language courses.

FRE 380 - French Food and Culture

Lead with Languages

Learn how knowing a second (or third!) language gives you a boost up the ladder to success.

Foreign Language Major Careers

Now you can tell everyone what you're going to do after you graduate. 

Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

You could travel forever and what else? Here are seven more reasons. 

Meet Our Professors


Italian Professor Introduction


Arabic Instructor Introduction

Meet Our Students

student introduction

Shania Mason

Language Resource Center Projects

Cultural Diversities Italy-USA

Cultural diversities video


La Casa

La casa (a beautiful story on the meaning of the house for Italians) 

The LRC's Favorite Puppet Show

The Best Puppet Show Ever

As chosen by the LRC Student workers, we present to you

The Best Puppet Show Ever

The Best Puppet Show Introduction

Puppet Show Promotional Video

French Idol Class Project

French Idol class project

Spanish Class Project 

Spanish class project

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