Why Choose a B.A.?

The B.A. Degree


Degree Requirements

Requires a 3rd semester proficiency (through the 201 level) in one of the 9 classical or modern languages offered by the Classics or Modern Languages and Literature Departments.

Course Sequence

If you are new to a language, the typical sequence of courses is 101, 102 and then 201.

*In order to qualify for the Bachelor of Arts Language Requirement waiver, you must place in the 202-level or higher (300-level for the majors that require 4th-semester proficiency) on the Language Placement Evaluation in-person at the Language Resource Center. The Language Placement Evaluation cannot be taken online for that purpose.

If you have questions about the requirement, please contact the Modern Languages and Literatures office at 331-3203 or [email protected]

Things to consider when choosing a B.A. degree

• Are you interested in doing humanities research in graduate school or your career?

• Are you interested in improving your cultural competency in an increasingly global and diverse world?

• Will you need to develop written and communication skills to pursue your field?

• Are you interested in developing flexibility and adaptability through critical thinking and problem solving skills? 

• Do you want to build connections that will be important for your future professional career on a community, national or international level?

So... I can take any language?

Yes, you can take any language offered by the Modern Languages and Literatures Department or the Classics Department.

The Modern Languages and Literatures Department offers Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.


If you are having trouble deciding which language to take, check out each of our language pages for fun facts and reasons why each language might be right for you!


Page last modified September 2, 2020