Internships and Volunteering

The benefits of being involved:

Whether through service learning, internships, or volunteering, you can...

  • Learn in an environment different from the classroom and get hands on experience
  • Spend time in an actual workplace setting
  • Work with the community at large
  • Develop language comprehension and speaking abilities
  • Improve cultural understanding
  • Receive college credit!

Resources to get involved:

The process of finding an internship can be quite overwhelming. This provides a great list of ideas on how to start the process, from calling companies to attending career fares to just talking to the people you know. This link also offers some sites to start the search for an internship.

After you find an organization to work with...

If you want to receive college credit for your internship, you must find a professor to supervise your project and fill out the proposal form. If your project is approved, you can register and begin! Your professor can give you information about what is required for the number of credits you want. Professors that supervise internships include:

Prof. Mayra Fortes

Prof. Michael Vrooman

You can also contact your language's section coordinator. Contact information is available on our Faculty/Staff Directory

Page last modified November 23, 2020