Hispanic Agencies

The following are agencies involved with the Hispanic
population you might consider for an internship:


American Red Cross Language Bank 
(interpreting for disaster victims)
1050 Fuller NE
L-V: 8:30am–5pm

Arbor Circle Counseling Center
(ABC program for youth,
outpatient counseling for all ages,
bridge for homeless youth,
neighborhood drop- in for mothers)
1115 Ball NE

Clínica Santa María
(clinic and abuse referrals,
pediatrics, dermatology, etc.)
730 Grandville Ave. SW
L-V: 8am–5pm

Heartside Clinic of Saint Mary’s
(social work, clinic for the homeless,
some attorney work,
substance abuse referrals, etc.)
359 S. Division
L-V: 7:30am–3pm

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
(adult education and employment,
family case management,
family violence intervention, and
immigrant rights advocacy)
1204 Grandville SW
L-V: 8am–5pm

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Carlos Sanchez- Executive Director

Hispanic Ministry Office of the Catholic Church
(central office for parish project organization)
360 Division Ave. S

Latin American Service
Sheldon Complex
121 Franklin, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Latino Coalition
President- Zulema Moret

Mel Trotter Ministries
225 Commerce Ave. SW
CEO: Chico Daniels
L-V: 8am-5pm

Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance  
(free legal aide to migrant farm workers
under poverty line, labor law, housing,
consumer law, civil rights –
no family or criminal law)
1104 Fuller Ave NE

PARA/Bethany Christian Services
(assistance driving to doctor, translating, assisting
refugee acculturation, mentoring, etc.)
901 Eastern Ave. NE
616.224.7523 (volunteer coordinator)

Programa Puente (Latino Network)
(health navigation services, health promotion,
community agency partnerships)
75 Sheldon Blvd. SE, Suite 101
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616.391.6199

Project Rehab Hispanic Residential Program
(substance abuse problems, residential and outpatient)
200 Eastern Ave. SE
616.776.0891 x260

Voices for Health, Inc.
(language and culture services)
2851 Michigan St., Suite 104
L-V: 8am–5pm
Michelle Scott
Carlos Pava

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