Faculty & Staff Directory

Arabic Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Ashley Bisutti bisuttia@gvsu.edu B-2-220 MAK (616) 331-8953 View
Majd Al-Mallah (Section Coordinator) almallam@gvsu.edu B-2-218 MAK (616) 331-3634 View

Chinese Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Meghan Cai caim@gvsu.edu B-2-214 MAK (616) 331-2870 View
Xiaomei Wang wangxi@gvsu.edu B-2-236 MAK (616) 331-3315 View
Yan Liang (Section Coordinator) liangya@gvsu.edu D-2-144 MAK (616) 331-2405 View

French Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Anne Caillaud caillaua@gvsu.edu B-3-243 MAK (616) 331-3371 View
Carol Wilson-Tiesma wilscaro@gvsu.edu B-2-238 MAK (616) 331-8503 View
Christine Pruden prudenc@gvsu.edu B-2-229 MAK (616) 331-3462 View
Dan Golembeski (Section Coordinator) golembed@gvsu.edu D-2-120 MAK (616) 331-3169 View
David Eick eickd@gvsu.edu B-2-255 MAK (616) 331-3497 View
Isabelle Cata catai@gvsu.edu D-2-122 MAK (616) 331-2477 View
Janel Pettes Guikema (Department Chair) pettesj@gvsu.edu B-2-247 MAK (616) 331-3657 View
Natalie Abdou abdouna@gvsu.edu B-2-244 MAK (616) 331-8899 View
Séverine Collignon colligns@gvsu.edu B-3-243 MAK (616) 331-3371 View

German Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Donovan Anderson andersdo@gvsu.edu B-2-251 MAK (616) 331-8595 View
Kevin Neitzert neitzerk@gvsu.edu B-2-221 MAK (616) 331-3039 View
Mitchell Place placemit@gvsu.edu B-2-225 MAK (616) 331-3239 View
Regina Koehler (Section Coordinator) koehlerr@gvsu.edu D-2-132 MAK (616) 331-2961 View

Italian Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Gisella Licari licarig@gvsu.edu D-2-126 MAK (616) 331-3458 View

Japanese Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Jason Herlands herlandj@gvsu.edu D-2-104 MAK (616) 331-2940 View
Jeremy Robinson (Section Coordinator) robinjer@gvsu.edu D-2-136 MAK (616) 331-8907 View
Rikako Leyrer leyrerr@gvsu.edu B-2-227 MAK (616) 331-8509 View

Spanish Faculty

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
Álvaro Leiva leivaa@gvsu.edu B-2-232 MAK (616) 331-2034 View
Bret Linford linfordb@gvsu.edu B-2-222 MAK (616) 331-8529 View
Carmen Fernández Flórez fernacar@gvsu.edu B-2-212 MAK (616) 331-3179 View
Christina Casarez-Heyda casarezc@gvsu.edu B-2-227 MAK (616) 331-8509 View
Diane Wright wrightd@gvsu.edu B-2-259 MAK (616) 331-3670 View
Elizabeth Gansen gansenel@gvsu.edu B-2-216 MAK (616) 331-8769 View
Ernesto Cid cide@gvsu.edu D-2-116 MAK (616) 331-8768 View
Fabio Espitia espitiaf@gvsu.edu D-2-138 MAK (616) 331-3177 View
Gabriela Pozzi pozzig@gvsu.edu B-2-261 MAK (616) 331-2478 View
Gladysín Huerta-Stark starkgla@gvsu.edu B-2-236 MAK (616) 331-3315 View
Jason Yancey (Section Coordinator) yanceyj@gvsu.edu D-2-134 MAK (616) 331-3372 View
Jennie Frazier frazieje@gvsu.edu B-2-244 MAK (616) 331-8899 View
Keith Watts wattsk@gvsu.edu B-2-257 MAK (616) 331-3168 View
Laura Fox (Language Coordinator - 100 & 200 levels) foxl@gvsu.edu D-2-128 MAK (616) 331-2512 View
Lourdes (Huei Lan) Yen yenh@gvsu.edu D-2-106 MAK (616) 331-8937 View
Maria Fidalgo-Eick fidalgom@gvsu.edu B-2-263 MAK (616) 331-8567 View
Mayra Fortes González fortesm@gvsu.edu D-2-118 MAK (616) 331-3804 View
Médar Serrata serratam@gvsu.edu D-2-114 MAK (616) 331-3459 View
Michael Vrooman vroomanm@gvsu.edu B-2-230 MAK (616) 331-8566 View
Nicole Rasch raschn@gvsu.edu B-2-223 MAK (616) 331-8544 View
Rachel Vereeke vereekra@gvsu.edu D-2-140 MAK (616) 331-8502 View
Rebeca Castellanos castellr@gvsu.edu D-2-112 MAK (616) 331-3220 View
Sandra Fernandez-Tardani fernans@gvsu.edu B-2-234 MAK (616) 331-8903 View
Sarah Mather mathers@gvsu.edu B-2-240 MAK (616) 331-8905 View
Sarah Matthews matthesa@gvsu.edu B-2-223 MAK (616) 331-8544 View
Sean Duffie duffiese@gvsu.edu D-2-140 MAK (616) 331-8502 View
Sean Hill hillsean@gvsu.edu B-2-246 MAK (616) 331-3970 View
Zulema Moret moretz@gvsu.edu B-2-242 MAK (616) 331-2286 View

Department Staff

Name Email Office Address Office Phone
David Shultz (LRC) shultzd@gvsu.edu D-2-130 MAK (616) 331-2513 View
Lolita Salindong (MLL) salindol@gvsu.edu B-2-243 MAK (616) 331-3203 View
Megan Koeman-Eding (MLL) edingme@gvsu.edu B-2-243 MAK (616) 331-3203 View
Veronica Clapp (LRC) clappve@gvsu.edu D-2-124 MAK (616) 331-8767 View

Student Assistant Staff

Name Major/Minor
Lauren Rademacher

Major: International Relations

Minors: Political Science and German

Madi Schnaidt

Major: Public and Nonprofit Administration - Public Personnel Management

Minor: Spanish

Mallory Wetzel

Major: Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design


In Memoriam

Natalia Gómez View