What major is right for me?

Applied Math Major
  • This emphasis focuses on how math can be applied to model real-world situations and solve real-world problems. For example, the capstone for this emphasis involves working in a small team with a community partner, to analyze data they've collected using tools you've learned in your math classes, and present recommendations based on your analysis.
  • An applied mathematics degree can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. You can tailor your expertise to specific industries and interests, and your problem-solving skills will be in high demand in today's data-driven and technology-focused world.
Theoretical Math Major
  • In this emphasis, you focus on more abstract math, and why it works. For example, classes you'll take will help you make sense of why calculus works the way it does, and even why numbers work the way they do! This emphasis gives you a good all-around grounding in logic and reasoning, and is often taken by students interested in doing research or going to graduate school.
  • A theoretical mathematics degree can open up many exciting career opportunities, both within academia and beyond. The strong analytical and problem-solving skills developed during your studies can make you a valuable asset in various fields.
Math Teacher Education Major
  • This emphasis is designed to prepare individuals for a career in teaching mathematics. Throughout your math teacher education program, you will have opportunities for field experiences and student teaching in schools, allowing you to put theory into practice and gain valuable classroom experience under the guidance of experienced teachers.
  • A degree in math teacher education opens up rewarding career opportunities, primarily centered around teaching and education-related roles. Whether you choose to work directly with students as a teacher or pursue roles that involve curriculum development, educational research, or policy analysis, your expertise in math education can make a significant impact on the learning experiences of future generations.

Teacher Education Majors

There are two options within the teacher education major, depending on what grade levels you would like to teach:

Secondary Certification

Secondary Certification will prepare you to teach grades 6-12.

Elementary Certification

Elementary Certification will prepare you to earn certification for teaching pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade (PK-3) and/or 3rd grade through 6th grade (3-6).

Page last modified August 7, 2023