Student Travel Award Application

A limited number of travel awards is available for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to help defray their cost of attending the 2018 Spring Meeting of the SIAM- Great Lakes Section to be held on April 21, 2018 at Wayne State University. These awards are made possible through an NSF grant of Professor Haidar of Grand Valley State University. An application for a travel award must include all the following:  

  1. A statement providing the rationale for the request of the travel award and explaining your interest in attending the conference.
  2. A current curriculum vitae (CV) that includes your contact information, the expected date (month/year) of the award of your degree, the institution awarding your degree, your advisor's name, and other relevant information including recent scholarly activities (if any). You will be able to upload this file as a part of the application process by way of the link at bottom by April 10, 2018.
  3. A letter of recommendation from your advisor commenting on your scholarly potential and on any special circumstances. You should submit your application early enough for your advisor to have time to send the letter of recommendation directly to us before the deadline at the following email: [email protected]

Criteria for 2018 GLS-SIAM Travel Awards

Interest in or evidence of scholarship related to topics of the conference.

  • Ordinarily this means a tendency towards graduate and advanced undergraduate students
  • Underrepresented groups (women and other minorities in STEM-C) may be given preference. 

Deadlines for 2018 GLS-SIAM Travel Award Applications

Complete applications must be submitted no later than April 15, 2018. Deadlines apply to all required application materials.

To obtain the funding support, an applicant awardee must file an expense claim including all required receipts within 10 days of the end of the conference. Typically, these consist of the following conference related expenses only: registration fee, transportation (economy fare; or by personal car ), food ($25 per diem), and lodging* (* Housing is an authorized expense only for participants traveling from locations over 150 miles away from Detroit). To file a travel expense claim for reimbursement send an email to Professor Haidar at  [email protected] with the Subject: GLSIAM 2018 Travel Expenses and with all required receipts attached. For complete details on the 2018 GLSIAM Spring Meeting, click here.


Apply for a SIAM-GLS 2018 Student Travel Award

Page last modified April 12, 2018