Students Attend Joint Mathematics Meetings

January 04, 2024

Students Attend Joint Mathematics Meetings

Five GVSU students attended and presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco, the largest mathematics gathering in the world.

In the AMS - PME Undergraduate Student Poster Session Alaina Hogan presented her work from the Michigan State Research Experience for Undergraduates on "The Power Sum Elements of the G2 Skein Algebra" and Rowan Kennedy and Mallory Price presented "Edge Covers of Modified Path and Cycle Graphs" as advised by Dr. Alayont. Mallory Price also gave a talk called "Properties of Edge Cover Sequences and Edge Cover Polynomials of Certain Graph Families" on work advised by Dr. Alayont. Rowan Kennedy, Mallory Price, Nicholas Simmons, and Sarah Zaske presented their senior thesis work on "The Distinguishing Index of Mycielskian Graphs" advised by Dr. Keough in the AMS-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Programs.

The students are thankful to the American Mathematics Society and the GVSU Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship for their travel support.


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