Woodwind/Brass Audition Information

New GVSU Non-Music Majors/Minors & Non-GVSU Area College/University Students

Audition Process

The 2023 GVSU Laker Marching Band Woodwind & Brass Auditions for prospective members:

  • Submit a Video Audition (See Information Below)

Preparation of Audition Music:

The "LMB Woodwind/Brass Audition Music" (total of 3 songs) posted below

  • Play each song, in order, and demonstrate correct tempos (see tempo for each song below), styles, articulations, dynamics, and observance all rests (short or extended). The music does not have to be memorized for the audition.
  • Bb Concert Scale beginning with your lowest concert Bb and continuing as high as you can play without descending. Please play your Bb Concert Scale in half notes at a tempo of Quarter Note = 100

Additional Information:

  • All accepted members must register for MUS 107 (marching band). This is a one (1) credit class.

Notification of Acceptance

  • Notification of acceptance into the LMB will be immediately.

**All accepted members must register for MUS 107 (marching band). This is a one (1) credit class.
**Full-time students at area colleges/universities may audition BUT will need to complete the Guest Application to GVSU Process (See information below) and may have to pay for a GVSU parking pass.

Non-GVSU Students Attending Area Colleges/Universities

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and applies to those who marched in the Laker Marching Band in 2023 and before.

Non-GVSU students who are attending at area colleges/universities full-time:

  • Can audition for the Laker Marching Band.
  • Upon a successful audition, complete the Guest Application to GVSU, be admitted by GVSU, register for MUS 107, and pay the for the cost of the course.
    • Returning Guest Students of the Laker Marching Band do not have to re-audition but must complete the online "Intent to March" form located under "Members Only" on the LMB website homepage.  
    • Returning Guest Students must complete the Guest Application, be admitted by GVSU, register for MUS 107, and pay for the cost of the course.
  • The Guest Application to GVSU, information, and instructions can be found on the website linked below:
  • The course number for the GVSU Marching Band is MUS 107 Section 01
  • The cost of 1 credit hour at GVSU for 2023-24 is $614 (2023-24).  

Instructions for Submitting Your Audition Video

Woodwind/Brass Video Audition
Deadline July 1


  • Submit as soon as possible! This will ensure a quick response and will allow you to get started on the summer requirements for the Laker Marching Band!
  • Create one video or multiple videos posted to YouTube (set as public or unlisted video ONLY; do NOT set as private) or post to other viewable platform.
    • Video(s) MUST contain:
      • The audition music posted below
      • Play your Bb Concert Scale as high as you can go! Do not come back down the scale.
        • This is a range check!
  • Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
    • Subject line of your email - "2024 GVSU LMB Video Audition"
    • Your Name
    • Cell Phone Number
    • Instrument
    • High School 
    • Have you been accepted to GVSU?
    • Date of your Summer Orientation at GVSU
    • Links to your video(s)
      • Please make sure that the Laker Marching Band Directors can access the video(s).


Required LMB Woodwind/Brass Audition Music

  • Auditions on Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, or Baritone may chose 1st or 2nd parts or upper/lower notes when divided.
  • Those auditioning on Piccolo, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax or Baritone Sax and accepted must provide their own instrument for the season.
  • GVSU ONLY provides Mellophones, Marching Baritones, Sousaphones, Drumline, and Flags.

LMB Woodwind/Brass Audition Music Tempos:

  • Alma Mater (quarter note=88)
  • Pregame C (half note=104)
  • GVSU Fight Song (half note=140) 

Piccolo Clarinet Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone

Mellophone Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2 Trombone 

Treble Clef Baritone Bass Clef Baritone Sousaphone


Click the Link below for reference audio to the audition music:

GVSU Alma Mater

Pregame C (Let's Go Blue)

GVSU Fight Song 


Mandatory Summer Activities

Laker Marching Band Mandatory Uniform Fittings

  • New Members - Uniform Fittings will occur on Friday, August 23.

Pregame Memorization

Laker Marching Band Camp 

GVSU Incoming or New Music Majors/Minors

Those auditioning for entrance into the GVSU Music Department as music majors must schedule their audition through the Music Office. More information concerning dates and auditions can be found at www.gvsu.edu/music. Your audition will count as an audition for the Laker Marching Band.

If you would like to get more information about the Laker Marching Band, please contact the Band Office at (616) 331-2942 or at [email protected]. Please leave a voicemail if your call is not answered!

Page last modified May 13, 2024