Laker Alumni Marching Band

Celebrating 46 years of Laker "PRIDE!"


Homecoming this year is Saturday, October 30, 2021 as the Lakers of GVSU will take on the Huskies of Michigan Tech. Kickoff at 3:00pm!

Homecoming Registration

LAMB Database

We are building our LAMB contact list to reach our alumni members by e-mail.

Update Your Contact Info

Encourage all LMB Alumni to submit their contact information!

LAMB Uniform

1) Shirt - TBD by LAMB Council
2) Appropriate pants for weather
3) Tennis Shoes or Other Appropriate Shoes for Marching

**No Flip Flops or Hats

2021 Homecoming Schedule

10am-11:30am - Rehearsal at HCPA with Alumni Band
11:30am - Alumni Band Lunch
1:00pm - Call Time / Band Room / Full Uniform
1:30pm - March to Stadium
2:40pm - Pregame
3:00pm - Kick Off! GO LAKERS!

Show & Music

2021 Homecoming Show Theme

TBD by LMB Show Planning Committee

2021 Homecoming Music - DRUMLINE MUSIC AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
1. LAMB Members are responsible for providing your own flip folder.
2. Lyres are provided for only GVSU owned instruments.
3. All other members must provide your own lyre.

MUSIC - Available on September 15, 2021
Pregame (Alma Mater & National Anthem)
Louie Sound Bites (Let's Go Blue!, Bone Cheer, Funkie Louie, Blue X2, Eat 'Em Up, & Let's Go Zips!)

Piccolo Clarinet 1 Clarinet 2  

Alto Sax 1 Alto Sax 2

Tenor Sax/ Bass Clarinet Bari. Sax 

Mellophone Trumpet 1 Trumpet 2  Trumpet 3

Trombone 1 Trombone 2 Bass Trombone

Bass Clef Baritone Treble Clef Baritone Sousaphone 

Snare Tenors Basses Cymbals

LAMB Color Guard Videos

Videos for the Color Guard Homecoming Show work will be posted by September 15, 2021