About The Laker Marching Band

The Grand Valley State University Laker Marching Band, The Pride of the Midwest, is dedicated to the principle of representing GVSU and supporting our National Championship Laker Football team through energetic and entertaining performances on and off the field. Truly, the Pride embodies the spirit of the Laker Nation.
As one of the most diversified and visible organizations on campus, the Laker Marching Band is composed of students who represent over 50 different degree plans. Each student is vital in continuing the great tradition of the Pride. Membership provides an opportunity to: create lasting friendships, develop a work ethic that will enhance your university career, perform before the greatest fans in the United States, and represent our school...GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY!

History of the Band Program at Grand Valley State University

The first official band program at Grand Valley State University started in 1976, four years after the opening of the Performing Arts Center, which currently houses the theatre, dance, and music programs. The first band director at Grand Valley State University (then Grand Valley State College) was Mr. William Root, one of Michigan's leading music educators. In his ten year career at GVSU, Mr. Root formed the original Laker Marching Band in 1977, and also conducted the Concert Band at the Midwestern Music Conference. This band would eventually become the Symphonic Wind Ensemble at Grand Valley, the highest-quality performing group on campus. Mr. Root also composed the university's high-energy fight song, "GVSU Victory," in his tenure as director of bands at GVSU. "GVSU Victory" was officially introduced in 1978, and the music has only undergone minor changes since that time.
After Mr. Root's retirement in 1987, Mr. Dennis Svendsen became the director of bands at GVSU. The number of ensemble participants was steadily increasing, and by the time Mr. Svendsen left and Mr. Ronald Hornish arrived in 1990, a second band was added to the program. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble became an auditioned group at this time, and the quality of playing increased greatly. During the mid 90's, the band program at GVSU experienced a huge surge in enrollment, and the second band (which eventually came to be known as Concert Band) began to thrive. After Mr. Hornish's career at GVSU came to an end in 1993, Mr. Barry Martin joined the faculty the following year. There were still two concert bands; Symphonic Wind Ensemble, which was comprised strictly of music majors, and Concert band, which had music majors and non-music majors playing alongside one another. The Laker Marching Band was steadily growing as well, and in 2001, Mr. Ted Bazany was hired and became an assistant director of the marching band. By 2003, there were nearly 100 people enrolled in Concert Band. At this time, another director was hired to help with the ever-growing band program. Dr. Kevin Tutt began his career at Grand Valley in 2003, and currently conducts the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. In 2004, a third band (University Band) was added to the program. This band was meant specifically for non-music majors or music education majors on secondary instruments, and was conducted by Mr. Bazany. In 2006, Mr. Kevin York became the director of the Laker Marching Band, whose enrollment grew to over 150 members. The University Band and Basketball Pep Band grew in membership as well. In 2009, John T. Martin was named Director of Athletic Bands. In 2011, Mr. Ted Craig, GVSU Alumni, became the Assistant Director of the marching band and taught classes within the Music Department. In 2016, the Laker Marching Band fielded 215 members and continued the great history of our program. In 2018, Mr. Craig was named Director of Athletic Bands at Aquinas College and Ms. Whitney Brainard, GVSU Alumni, became the Assistant Director of the marching band and Visiting Professor of Music Education. In 2019, Mr. Adam Borst, GVSU Alumni, was named Assistant Director of the LMB and has assisted in all Athletic Band functions. Mr. Borst has been instrumental in the development the LMB Leadership Team since 2019.

Today, there are over 340 people enrolled in the band program at Grand Valley State University. This program is quickly gaining national recognition, with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble performing major band literature such as Grainger's Lincolnshire Posy, Grantham's Southern Harmony, and Copland's Emblems. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble performed at the 2010 College Band Director's National Association (CBDNA) North Central Division Conference at Illinois State University, in Normal, IL. SWE has also played at the Michigan Music Conference three times. Both are quite an accomplishment, as the Symphonic Wind Ensemble is comprised of entirely undergraduate students.

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