Laker Creations

Laker Creations is your one stop shop for water-related content created by GVSU Lakers. Their work includes creative and research-based endeavors, including published work and course projects. Take some time to explore the range of work Lakers have done.

Student Video Projects

This collection of videos created by Grand Valley students in courses relating to water is both educational and entertaining. These projects range from interviews to music videos and are sure to open your eyes to new experiences and perspectives. The students of HON280: Water for a Changing World visit Newayo, Michigan for the Dam to Dam Ice Fishing Tournament, and the students of GEO105: Living with the Great Lakes explore different ways that the water that surrounds us affects our lives. Check out the student videos here!

Creative Writing and Art

Lakers have always been exceptionally creative, and these creative works only exemplify that creative talent. The art pieces and creative writing range from class projects to published work in Grand Valley's student journals, Amaranthus, Italicsand fishladderWhile all wildly different in style and content of the pieces, the one thing they all have in common is their connection to themes of water. Check out the art and creative writing here!

Student Research

The areas of inquiry are endless when it comes to water-related research, and Grand Valley students have the unique advantage of the surrounding water systems as the focus of their research. Not only that, but students have ventured beyond the confines of Michigan to discover how water affects the lives of people all across the world. Check out the scholar works by students here!

Faculty Research

The faculty at Grand Valley have done diligent research in all disciplines, especially in relation to water. With the support of the University, faculty have been able to research the impact of water in all aspects of life, from the environment to medicine. Check out the faculty scholar works on water here!

Page last modified July 2, 2020