Making Waves about Water is a University initiative to create collaboration across campus among students, faculty, and staff, as well as with the community. The goal of the Initiative  is to explore and investigate the many ways that water touches our lives, from being a life-force to defining GVSU in relation to the Grand River and Lake Michigan. The Initiative has the potential to clearly define GVSU: an institution providing a relevant, contemporary liberal education where theory is integrated with practice to prepare students for the challenges of our world.

The broad goals of the initiative are:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration: Creating cooperative learning for students, staff, and faculty and within the community

  • Geographic and institutional identity: Defining traits of GVSU as a liberal education institution in West Michigan

  • Resources and activities: Synthesizing learning across disciplines, locally, globally, and with intention

  • Empowering students to make waves through advocacy and community engagement

Making Waves logo

Logo designed by Sarah Tibbe, GVSU alum

Making Waves Teams

Team Graphic

The Making Waves Initiative will be coordinated by ten teams of students, faculty, and staff. 

  • Colloquia and Outside Speakers on Campus
  • Community Engagement/Off-campus Outreach
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Building a Water Community among Faculty and Staff
  • Water Wanderings - Field Trips and Activities to Explore Water Issues
  • Campus Engagement Co-curricular Activities
  • Research and Student Creative Products
  • Funding and Grant Support
  • Water Quality and Public Health
  • Public Relations


Interested in joining a team? Please send an e-mail to MWI@gvsu.edu.

Learn more about the Initiative in this one-page summary.