Creative Writing and Art

Lakers have created works of creative writing and art with water topics and themes that are worthy of an audience. Enjoy this collection of creative work from published student-run journals and class projects alike. 

Fishladder is a journal of student art and writing, published from 2003 to the present. By name, the journal has a unique connection to water, specifically that which surrounds Grand Valley, and an abundance of water related art and writing. Check out the most recent edition and more water specific pieces.

Italics is a student run journal of art and writing, published from 2000 to 2003. The journal features a mainly black and white aesthetic, and has a number of pieces related to water. Take a look at the water-related pieces here.

Amaranthus was Grand Valley's longest-running student journal of art and writing, published from 1970 to 1999. The journal is a look back at how water has always been present in the minds of our most creative Lakers. Enjoy experiencing this collection of water-related work from Amaranthus.

Across departments, Grand Valley's faculty have published creative works of art and writing. From poetry to photography, themes of water permeate their projects, large and small. Check out the faculty creative works here!

Some of our students' best work begins with a class assignment and transforms into an excellent example of exactly what Lakers are capable of. Take a look at some creative pieces produced within courses at Grand Valley.

For thousands of years, artists have been fascinated by the flora and fauna of the sea. The Creatures of the Sea art exhibit features works inspired by both mythic creatures and real-life wonders adapted to a life underwater. Artists include students in the Visual and Media Arts Department as well as those from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. The exhibit is held in conjunction with the university-wide initiative Making Waves. Check out the art from the exhibit here.

Page last modified August 13, 2020