Student Research About Water

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program (ENS) is pleased to present a multitude of ongoing student projects exploring a vast range of topics across nine different classes at GVSU. Students develop a holistic, place-based understanding of environmental challenges to generate solutions to real-world problems in food systems, energy and climate change, water resources, or culture and the built environment. Many projects involve collaborating with partners, either on campus or in the community.

A number of ENS classes participated this year, but you can check out some of the water-specific projects below or look at all the projects here.


Winter 2021

Restoring the Rapids - ENS 401

Ecovillage Dorms - ENS 401

SCM Solutions - ENS 401

Principles of Sustainability - ENS 300

  • For the GVSU Focus, Basil Ykema recommends better stormwater management and landscaping practices as well as lawn alternatives to reduce water pollution on the GVSU campus. 
  • For the Grand Rapids Focus, Joshua Johnson evaluates water use at Brewery Vivant, Elizabeth Koetje recognizes the water-saving practices at the Grand Rapids Art Museum; and Megan Halm, identifies the principles and practices of the City of Wyoming Clean Water Plant.   
  • For the Michigan Focus, Isabel Stein identifies beneficial practices at Consumers Energy, such as “collecting and reusing water runoff” at the various power plants and “planting trees to help reforest watersheds.”

Fall 2020

Ocean Sustainability - ENS 201

Algae Blooms - ENS 201

Campus Rain Works Challenges - ENS 401

Student Scholar Works

Title Author(s) Tags Action
Wolverine CAG Timeline on PFAS Mary Hirschauer; Sabrina Jenkins; Griffin Rogers; Clayton Rzepka Wolverine Worldwide, Plainfield Township, Rockford, polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS, contamination, water quality, toxicity, community activists, history, chronology, timeline, interactive, living document View
Water Evaporation From Atmospheric Aerosols Patrick Louden; Christopher Lawrence Evaporation, Tropospheric Aerosols View
The Impact of Syrian Migration on Water Demand in Northern Jordan Leah Beaulac water demand, Jordan, migration View
The Effectiveness of Constructed Wetlands Jessica L. Franks; Eric B. Snyder; Megan M. Woller-Skar wetland, restoration View
The Effect of Caffeine on the Bacterial Populations in a Freshwater Aquarium System Adrienne M. Gibson; Roderick M. Morgan; Alexey G. Nikitin Caffeine, Aquatic Systems View
The Contents of Your Bag Matthew Oudbier poetry, fishladder, river View
Spatial Patterns of Fish Communities in Lake Michigan Drowned River Mouths Samantha M. P. Morsches and David J. Janetski fish, Lake Michigan, rivers View
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Muskegon River and Bigelow Creek, Michigan Travis Hauri Foster macroinvertebrate, michigan, variation View
Spatial Analysis of the Current and Potential Stormwater Management Practices on Grand Valley State Universityýs Allendale Campus Kyle Hart stormwater, GVSU, GIS, Geographic Information Systems, Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, Permeable Pavement View
Picnic on the Rappahanock Christel Reges poerty, amaranthus, adolescence, nature View
Nude All Steve Garwood poetry, river, amaranthus View
Kinana Hale: An Investigation of the Tropical and the Desert and How They Shape Our Notion of Identity and Self Connie Pan Creative Non-Fiction, Diaspora, Hawaii, Culture, Familial Stories, Identity, Self, Personal Experience, Spam Musubi, Land Issues, Supernatural, Family Recipes, Hawaiian Pidgen View
Impacts of Sediment Dredging on Phosphorus Dynamics in a Restored Riparian Wetland Kimberly Oldenborg wetland, phosphorus, dredging View
Hydraulic Traits as Determinants of Epiphyte Distribution in Mid-Elevation Rainforest in Puerto Rico. Matthew Biener Fern epiphyte, rain forest View
Habitat Use and Tributary Occupancy of the Threatened River Redhorse (Moxostoma carinatum) in the Grand River, MI, USA Nicholas Michael Preville tributaries, habitat use, river View
From Land to Lake: Contrasting Microbial Processes Across a Great Lakes Gradient of Organic Carbon and Inorganic Nutrient Inventories Deborah K. Dila carbon, Great Lakes View
Evaluation of Natural Steelhead Recruitment in the Muskegon River, Michigan Nicholas C. Albrecht steelhead, Muskegon, Michigan View
Environmental DNA Analysis of Lake Michigan Water for the Detection of Asian Carp Taylor Kraus DNA, Michigan, carp View
Do Microbial Communities Determine Herbicide Sensitivity Versus Resistance in the Invasive Aquatic Plant, Eurasian Watermilfoil? Fatouma Abdoulaye; Ryan M. Sheick; Jay Lennon; Ryan Thum Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology View
Demographic and Reproductive Status of Lake Sturgeon in the Muskegon River System, Michigan Alex C. Wieten muskegon, Michigan, rivers, sturgeon View
Chasing Black Hawk Kevin Koch video essay, Black Hawk War trail, snow, Mississippi River View
Biochar as a means of Water Purification in Haiti Caolan Keenan Water Quality, Biochar, charcoal, filtration, water filter, Haiti, water View
Betsie River Supper Raymond L. Antel III poerty, amaranthus, river, fish View
Arsenic Biosand Filters in Developing Countries Jepkoech Kottutt biosand, arsenic View
Analysis of Stormwater Policy: Rogue River Watershed, Kent County Michigan Mike Buth stormwater, policy, Michigan View

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