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The Economic Impact of the Huron River Paul Isely; Christian Glupker; Erik E. Nordman; Julie M. Cowie; Hailey LaMay economic impact, west michigan, huron river View
Observations of the Middle Island Sinkhole in Lake Huron: A Unique Hydrologic and Glacial Creation of 400 Million Years Steven A. Ruberg; Scott T. Kendall; Bopaiah A Biddanda; Tyrone Black; et. al. sinkholes, michigan, lake Huron View
Long-Term Field Performance of Biosand Filters in the Artibonite Valley, Haiti Andrew J. Sisson; Peter Wampler; Richard R. Rediske; James N. McNair biosand, long-term, Haiti, e-coli View
Grand Valley Helps Teachers Grow Earth�s Future Stewards Clay Pelon stewardship, education View
From Bacteria to Fish: Ecological Consequences of Seasonal Hypoxia in a Great Lakes Estuary Anthony Weinke; Bophaiah Biddanda hypoxia, fish, nutrients, bacteria, cyanobacteria, internal loading View
Evaluation of Spring Flow, Bacterial Contamination, and Distribution of Fresh Water Resources in the Vicinity of Verrettes, Haiti Peter Wampler; Andrew Sisson Haiti, e-coli, groundwater, springs, satellite imagery, NDVI View
Evaluation of Hand-Dug Wells in RUral Haiti Haley E. Schram; Peter Wampler groundwater, Haiti, filtration, water treatment, developing country, point of use treatment, household treatment View
Environmental Variation, Fish Community Composition, and Brown Trout Survival in the Pigeon River, Ottawa County, Michigan Neil W. MacDonald; Daniel W. Mays; Richard R. Rediske; Carl R. Ruetz III Pigeon River, Michigan, watershed, water quality, variation View
Chronicles of hypoxia: Time-series buoy observations reveal annually recurring seasonal basin-wide hypoxia in Muskegon Lake - A Great Lakes estuary Bopaiah Biddandal; Anthony D Weinke; Scott T. Kendall; et. al. Time-series measurements, Annually recurring bottom water hypoxia, Muskegon Lake area of concern, Great Lakes estuary View

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